E-commerce migration from Hybris to Magento 2 for Palmers Textil

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    3 new core elements: e-commerce, OMS, and payment
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    Magento 2 migration suggested for more cost-effective operations
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    SAP integration for smooth accounting, reporting, and fulfillment

Project overview

Palmers Textil AG is a fashion retail brand established in 1914 in Austria. In 2015-2018, the company was modernizing all of its core elements, including the online shop. We replaced the outdated SAP Hybris with a powerful combination of Magento 2, FIEGE OMS, and a Klarna payment system. Everything’s interconnected and integrated with the main SAP platform.

Client information

Palmers Textil AG is an international clothing brand that originated in Austria. Ludwig Palmers started it as a laundry back in 1914. In 2000, the company opened its first online shop. Since 2015, Palmers is owned by P Tex Holding GmbH. Today, the brand sells underwear, clothes, and accessories in more than 300 stores in 17 countries.

e commerce migration from hibris to magento 2 project overview

Business challenge

Palmers opened its first online shop back in 2000. In the middle of the 2010s, new heads joined the brand, including Marc Wieser, ex-CEO of Nike and Benetton. The team started rebuilding the company, making it more digital and modern. Particularly, they wanted to make the website more effective, attract new clients, and increase revenue.

As part of the global modernization, Palmers hired us to migrate the e-commerce part from SAP Hybris to Magento 2. The former system was outdated and required a costly upgrade. The latter one was more cost-effective. In addition, our clients decided to connect to a new order fulfillment system plus a new payment provider.

Technical challenges

Palmers wanted to get a modern, user-friendly online shop with new features. The main task was to migrate the entire e-commerce section. We moved it from the old SAP Hybris version to a new Magento 2, open-source platform written on PHP. Further, we connected this online shop to a new FIEGE Order Management System with FTP and XML tech. Finally, both solutions were integrated with a Klarna payment tool and back-office SAP software.

Solution delivered

We redesigned the e-commerce solution and the online shop of Palmers. After migration, it got a new user interface that motivates clients to make better purchase decisions. It also delivers filters and flypages. On the back end, the system integrates with SAP and has fulfillment solutions, order management, improved accounting.

e commerce migration from hibris to magento 2 solution
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Key features

e commerce migration from hibris to magento 2 key 1
  • Flypages and suggestions

    Landing pages include sizing charts, features of products, units available. They also recommend other items to attract user attention.

  • Multifunctional filters

    Customers can explore catalogs using comprehensive filters with dozens of search criteria.

  • Online shop functionality

    The webshop creates and tracks orders, syncs notifications, handles final pricing, integrates with other systems.

  • Order management system

    FIEGE helps to process orders, invoices, forms, emails, shipments, and core data. It’s the heart of the e-commerce ecosystem.

e commerce migration from hibris to magento 2 key 2
  • Payment provider integration

    Klarna is responsible for invoices, payments, reservations, refunds, and user authentication.

  • SAP fulfillment solutions

    Thanks to a reliable connection, Magento 2 and SAP provide a single business view, improve accounting and reporting.

  • User accounts with carts

    Clients can get personal profiles to manage orders. The system remembers personal data and simplifies purchases.

Value to our client

  • Cost-effective approach from our team

    Despite the existing SAP Hybris platform wasn’t legacy, we suggested moving to Magento 2. This new solution is more profitable and suitable, considering the client’s goals.

  • Full integration of all e-commerce parts

    We seamlessly connected all key elements: the basic online shop with client and admin e-commerce tools, an order management system, a payment solution, and existing SAP modules.

  • Improved customer experience

    We added several features for the best possible CX. These functions range from traditional filters for a better search to user-friendly flypages to personal accounts for clients.

Our tech stack

  • Magento Magento
  • php PHP
  • sap SAP
  • NUnit Nunit
  • Selenium Selenium
  • Klarna Klarna
  • api-settings REST API

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