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Our manual software testing company has a well-defined Quality Assurance process built to minimize the number of errors, bugs, and defects in the software development life cycle anyway. Most of our test engineers have ISTQB certificates and experience testing IT projects of different levels of complexity. Manual testing services are usually a part of the custom application development; however, you can acquire these, including manual testing consulting as a separate service offering.
  • Test Strategy

    The test strategy document ensures an understanding of all the stakeholders about what is expected to get done and how this should be reached. The strategy is being written by experienced QA engineers and, once ready, is communicated to the entire team for everyone to be on the same page.
  • Test Planning

    The test plan document includes the defined project scope and test focus, including schedules, test coverage, the features to be tested, resources, responsible persons, test environment. Comprehensive test planning ensures the consistency of all testing activities within the development lifecycle.
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    • Various Types of Testing

      We are a manual testing company to do different types of testing: functional, usability, scalability, security, integration, interoperability, system, and other testing. Each type of testing has its objectives and, generally, all help check if the software works as expected and required.
    • User Acceptance Testing

      In the UAT stage, together with end-users on the client’s side, we check if the software is ready to be released. It is an additional chance to verify that the system works appropriately within the end-user environment. All UAT scenarios are prepared and agreed with the client beforehand.
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix

      We use a traceability matrix to validate requirements test coverage. It is created to connect all test cases with respective user stories and allows us to track what feature requirements are covered with tests and which are not covered.
    • Test Metrics and Reports

      We use various test metrics, including defects by severity, defects by priority, test case execution productivity, to make the right decision for the next stages, make clear what should be done to fix the defects, make forecasts, and send Jira reports to the client.
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    High quality and bugs-free software development is impossible without testing. We provide all types of manual testing services. Our QA and test engineers have all the required qualifications and certificates to ensure a professional testing approach.

    Manual software testing services are needed to test any software and, very often, serve a basis for test automation within complex system development. It is performed to check if the solution functionalities meet the requirements, detect defects, inconsistencies, bugs, and ensure quick fixing.

    Benefits of Our Manual
    Software Testing Services

    Manual QA testing services are needed to develop a well-functioning software product that meets your requirements and expectations. Our custom software development and manual testing company offers all types of testing as is and as part of your project development. Here are major benefits you can get.


    Manual testing services help detect bugs and errors, and avoid frequent code rewriting. It saves money by providing on-time reports on found bugs and inconsistencies in requirements.

    Human Centricity

    Unlike automated testing, manual testing is more customer-centric as it is performed manually. A tester is able to look at the software from the end-user's perspective and report on what can be improved.

    Attention to Details

    Our manual testers are detail-oriented. They are skilled in many types of testing and are focused not only on finding bugs but also on providing inferences and logical reasoning in test cases and reports.

    Certified QA Engineers

    Our test engineers regularly improve their knowledge and skills by visiting various professional workshops, courses, and conferences. We use the latest tools to ensure effective testing.

    Our Manual Testing Process

    Our manual software testing company has a well-defined testing procedure and a set of rules that ensure the usage of best practices and the high quality of the end software product.

    Requirements Analysis

    Test engineers are involved in project development since first stages, including business analysis and functional analysis. They help analysts and architects define functional requirements correctly and identify the scope for manual testing services.

    Test Strategy

    Once the requirements are ready, test planning and strategy documents are being developed. They serve a guideline for all the testing processes, schedules, test coverage, etc. throughout the entire software development life cycle.

    Test Cases

    Test cases are written to develop the planned test coverage and thoroughly test the requirements. They are created on the basis of software requirements specification (SRS) and non-functional requirements (NFR), existing rules, and application logic. This documentation allows us to create a basis for repeatable testing of the next software versions.

    Test Execution

    Test execution is one of the most important software development steps that allows identifying if the requirements are realized as expected. Here, we identify and prioritize the most critical defects, along with less critical bugs and gaps. Before the next testing cycle, all the defects should be removed.

    Bugs Reporting

    Effective bug reporting is needed to communicate the found defects to the team, identify the bug’s priority and severity. Once everything is described, a tester assigned a developer responsible for bug-fixing. Reports keep test history consistent and traceable accelerating software development process.

    What Impacts Your Project Duration

    The time needed for manual testing varies and usually depends on the factors below.

    • Project requirements
    • Expected deadlines
    • Team composition
    • Chosen technology and platforms
    • Test cases complexity 

    What Affects Your Project Costs

    Software testing services usually cost 15-25% of the total project cost and depend on the things below.

    • Project scope and complexity
    • The chosen technology
    • Project completion urgency
    • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time & Material, Dedicated Team
    • Time required for testing

    What We Need from Your Side

    The manual testing services and manual testing consulting scope depend on your specific needs and project requirements. Thus, the list of things we require from you may vary. Traditionally, we need the following:
    • Project goals, vision, and roadmap if exist
    • High-level project requirements
    • Project-specific documentation if available, for example, software architecture and mockups
    • Client’s availability (a couple of hours per week for requirements gathering sessions)
    • Project deadlines

    Our Tech Stack

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do manual testing services mean?

    Manual testing is performed manually by software testers to ensure that your software works as expected, has no bugs, and provides excellent user experience.

    How much do manual software testing services cost?

    The cost of manual testing services depends mainly on your project scope and complexity. Our test engineers will estimate and provide the cost after requirements and scope analysis.

    Why choose us as manual testing company?

    We provide all types of automated and manual testing services with guaranteed on-time and on-budget bug-free software product development with all required documentation.

    Trusted partner who delivers on scope, on time and on budget

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