A B2B application for Risk Point

  • a b2b application for risk poin ico high performance

    High performance
  • a b2b application for risk poin ico scalable architecture

    Scalable architecture
  • a b2b application for risk poin ico multi currency

    Multi-currency support

Project overview

Efficient insurance requires convenient, all-around management capabilities, best available in the user-friendly digital format, especially when it comes to B2B distribution of services. Modern companies use accessible systems and applications to better handle corporate practices. Having an authentic digital solution for in-house work is a great advantage for any insurance business out there.

Client information

Risk Point is a global insurance services provider with numerous offices based in many eastern and western European countries. It has an extensive professional track record, being a Coverholder of 25 insurance syndicates and having over 80 binders, 400 employed brokers, and 10,000 corporate policies.

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a b2b application for risk poin project

Business challenge

The main goal of boosting the performance of a large insurance provider is to speed up internal workflows and make service distributions faster all-around. For this purpose, an individually tailored, highly customizable solution with a fair share of automation is a perfect solution. That’s why we focused on creating an application that makes employees’ work painless and faster.

Technical challenges

DICEUS team ultimately set out to provide the interface for the convenient creation and distribution of insurance products, setting pricing, managing brokers, and approving necessary quotes. We needed to enable brokers to easily create quotes and policies, generate and renew invoices and claims; enable coverholders to manage binders, retail brokers, and policies renewals, and integrate various of third-party services. The first stage was to implement an MVP of the final product.

Solution delivered

The end solution is tailored to satisfy the needs of three different types of users: coverholders, broker company general managers, and regular brokers. The application has a smoothly operating database to be filled up with various insurance data, an intuitive desktop-only interface, numerous filters, tasking features, PDF data extraction, and more — everything to facilitate and accelerate complicated insurance workflows.

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Key features

a b2b application for risk poin key
  • Secure system

    As a major insurance data storing requirement, the application boasts sturdy cloud-based security, with data backup, fast system recovery, and protected connection.

  • Performance-boosting UX

    The solution enables one-click decision-making opportunities and allows Risk Point employees to focus on their primary tasks, with no excessive functionality involved.

  • Custom-tailored design

    The design of the whole solution firmly matches the corporate air and style of Risk Point so as not to make employees change their mindset and take time to adapt.

Value to our client

  • High performance

    The application runs fast and smoothly, with each and every loading in no time, which ultimately stimulates a positive user experience and promotes workflow acceleration in the long run.

  • Scalable architecture

    The solution can be easily extended and customized in the future due to flexible software architecture and clear source code, which boosts the potential for future opportunities.

  • Multi-currency support

    The B2B app for Risk Point supports multiple currencies to be processed to fit the company’s need to offer services internationally.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • microsoftazure Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Vue.js Vue.js

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