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Project overview

Insurance is an extremely active and competitive industry where established businesses and entrepreneurs never go out of demand on the market. The ultimate goal of any insurance provider is to conveniently offer services to make all processes hassle-free for customers and outrun the competition. Modern software most efficiently helps to reach the top level of in-house performance and customer experience. That’s why a good InsurTech solution is in high value right now and that’s why our team gave the Insly project everything they’ve got.

Client information

Originally the spin-off of IIZI Group (the most successful insurance broker in the CEE region founded in 2000), Insly has become a separate software project built on the main business practices and expertise of IIZI. It is a well-established insurance platform offering top InsurTech capabilities internationally (in markets of Europe, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and more).

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Business challenge

Insurance providers are constantly seeking higher performance and versatile business-pushing powers. There are tons of InsurTech tools and solutions available on the market, but grabbing pieces of software here and there isn’t convenient by a long shot. That’s why the goal here was to build a centralized platform that offers a whole suite of insurance software capabilities that thoroughly cover both major and minor needs of insurance businesses alike.

Technical challenges

The global task at hand was to build a feature-rich, multi-language, highly-available internationally platform hosted on Google Cloud Platform (with supporting data centers located in the European Union). The functionality was optimized to the needs of insurance brokers and agents, with tools, features, and automation possibilities to fully replace cumbersome paperwork and spreadsheets as the main working tool. We implemented major insurance features – from policy management to invoice and reporting.

Solution delivered

Insly is a cloud-based insurance management platform that helps automate and facilitate a wide range of regular manual insurance tasks to make the life of brokers and agents much easier. It is a feature-rich modular platform focused on insurance processes such as paperwork and document storing, invoicing, debt management, billing, business intelligence management and reporting. Insly is multi-language, covering pretty much all major localizations (including Japan, Middle East, and Africa).

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Key features

cloud sales app for insly img key future
  • Claims management

    Insurance agents and brokers can conveniently receive, analyze, store, and process claims via convenient tools online.

  • BI dashboard & reports

    Insly makes business intelligence management much smoother and faster with a dedicated dashboard and in-depth reporting.

  • Client invoicing

    There are specialized forms, templates, and editing tools for composing well-structured client invoices that can be sent via email.

  • Payment mapping

    A convenient dashboard and specialized features help map payments for thorough calculations and efficient financial analyses.

Value to our client

  • All-in-one management

    Insurance brokers and agents can use a single platform to manage debt, claims, invoices, policies, documents, and more.

  • Insurer billing & statements

    The platform has integrated Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal payment gateways to enable online billing and other financial operations.

  • Dedicated support

    All Insly platform users can turn to live support available through built-in chat, email, and helpdesk to clarify questions and solve issues.

Our tech stack

  • Google-Cloud-Platform Google Cloud Platform

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