Applications for BriteCore’s P&C insurance core platform

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    Enhanced user experience
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Project overview

BriteCore is a fully-managed core platform for property and casualty insurers that supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models. Designed as a cloud-native solution, BriteCore is deployed using Amazon Web Services and is continually updated for maximum security, efficiency, and durability at scale. API integration capabilities provide access to third-party solutions, expanding on BriteCore’s foundational core, data, and digital offerings. Insurance carriers, MGAs, and InsurTechs partner with BriteCore to gain a competitive edge through efficient operations, compelling customer experiences, and speed to market.

Client information

BriteCore offers cloud-based software for enterprises to ensure high security, performance, and scalability.
It is recognized as an established industry leader, offering world-class solutions, services, and expertise to over 50 insurance carriers, InsurTechs, and managing general agents. It helps companies enhance their time-to-market, become more competitive, and gain higher revenue.

applcations for britecores p and c insurance core platform project overview

Business challenge

BriteCore first partnered with DICEUS to build an internal administrative cash flow management and budgeting app for BriteCore. After the initial project was complete, BriteCore invited DICEUS to participate in BriteCore’s Community Code Contribution program where the team continues to provide overflow capacity and support to BriteCore engineers. Through the program, DICEUS engineers work alongside BriteCore engineers to develop multiple enterprise-level products (modules) including BriteQuote, BriteApps, and BriteDocs.

Technical challenges

DICEUS helped develop mobile and desktop solutions that seamlessly integrate with the BriteCore platform. All solutions had to be fully customizable to meet carrier needs and interoperable with other BriteCore products.

Solution delivered

First, DICEUS created an internal budgeting application in Python and adopted new data transformation processes according to specific customer needs. Next, we contributed to the development of three BriteCore products:
BriteApps are mobile and desktop BriteCore products that can be tailored and branded according to the carrier’s needs.
BriteQuote provides configurable pages, fields, and components to create quoting wizards for different lines of business. The solution is interoperable with other BriteCore modules.
BriteDocs is a new, standalone document management system designed to handle documents throughout the insurance lifecycle.

applications for britecores p and c insurance core platform solution delivered
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Key features

applications for britecores p and c insurance core platform key features
  • BriteApps policyholder portal

    Provides a new digital channel for policyholders. Available for mobile and desktop; it can be tailored by the insurer to reflect their logo and company color scheme. The portal itself has the following capabilities:

    Claims management

    Policy documents

    Payment processes

    View insurance provider

    View messages

  • BriteApps administrative portal

    Manages BriteApps administrative processes within the company including user settings, application monitoring, and control

    Enrolled user management

    Access rights management

    Activity monitoring

    Messaging to one or multiple users

    Paperless document delivery

    Customizing your applications

  • BriteApps message center

    Enables insurers to send messages to a single user or to all users. Text can be translated into the user’s preferred language. Supports emails, in-app messages, and push notifications.

  • BriteQuote configuration

    Enables the creation of quoting wizards that allow agents to perform a sequence of steps to make a quote. The quote wizards are fully configurable by lines of business, role, transaction type.

applications for brtecores p and c insurance core platform key features 2
  • BriteQuote pages & components

    Controls the display of information for agents over single or multiple pages and the ability to move through the pages and display data in pre-defined places.

  • BriteDocs stock & custom templates

    Supplies stock and custom templates to use throughout the insurance lifecycle.

  • BriteDocs data aggregation

    Acts as a data aggregator for claims, policies, quotes. This data can be transformed and inspected easily, as well.

Value to our client

  • Enhanced user experience

    The BriteApps portal equips policyholders with a new digital channel to access their documents and perform payments or enroll autopay, eliminating the requirement for in-person interaction.

  • Efficiency gains & cost savings

    Self-service capabilities in BriteApps enable policyholders, agents, and the insurer to communicate and transact business more efficiently and conveniently, enabling more process automation, reducing cycle times, and driving costs down.

  • Higher mobile security

    Instead of using passwords, mobile users are now able to use face recognition, touch ID, or fingerprints for authentication.

  • Improved communication

    All the communication goes through the message center that provides capabilities for text messages, push notifications, in-app messages, emails.

Our tech stack

  • python Python
  • javascript JavaScript
  • django Django
  • ios iOS
  • android icon Android

Client feedback

Phil Reynolds-1

The DICEUS team has consistently supported the BriteCore team for many years. Their engineers are well-educated and highly invested in the ongoing quality of the BriteCore platform with sustained relationships that extend over four years. We appreciate everything the DICEUS team brings to the table as a development partner.

Phil Reynolds, CEO, BriteCore

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