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Riskville is a single database that helps manage customers and business records as well as track all the insured and self-insured assets. It is aimed to organize and streamline all the processes related to risks, claims, and insurance in one system.


RiskVille offers cloud-based solutions for insurance companies to manage and automate their everyday business activities. It serves the needs of agencies to manage benefits, commercial, and personal lines. The solution has already proved its high performance and efficiency in claims management, risk management, policy management, and customer self-service support.

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Customers were looking for a reliable trustworthy and easy to use insurance platform as well as for reducing cooperation with insurance agents. In many cases, that added unnecessary complexity to the process and even additional costs.


To create a light cloud-based all in one flexible insurance platform, which could automate and manage risks, incidents, claims, and insurance policies. Implementation was required along with the WordPress transfer to .NET Core.


Our team developed the most comprehensive solution available for all aspects of captive management, insurance and risk management. Riskville is a secure single database allowing consolidate, control, and manage risk and insurance data.
As a result, our customers got a solution with useful digital options which allow users to easily handle their customer records, business units, and manage workflows, import and export data, and develop group structures by applying an innovative hierarchy tool.

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Key features

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  • 360-degree customer view

    Agencies can create complete customer profiles that store such data as contacts, demographics, policies, and other documents. This functionality allows using historical and real-time data to conduct substantive analysis and forecasting. As a main benefit, you can create more personalized insurance product offerings.

  • Policy management

    Riskville provides standard policy templates to simplify your routine activities. You can also customize the templates according to various risk coverage and compliance regulations. When the policy is expired, rest assured it will be renewed automatically.

  • Risk management

    RiskVille solution has a comprehensive toolset for risk management, including risk identification, monitoring, assessment, and reporting. Using the latest analytics tools, you can forecast risks for all types of assets and develop the respective premiums programs.

  • Claims management

    Self-service capabilities allow for reporting customer claims online. Reporting will customized if you have any specific requirements. Your employees will be notified of incoming claims. On-time claims management improves customer satisfaction rate.


  • 3 days for implementation

    It takes only a few days to implement and customize the solution for your agency. Customization can be performed without developers and at no additional costs.

  • All-in-one insurance solution

    RiskVille is able to streamline any insurance processes including rating, quoting, policy management, risk management, and claims management.

  • 360-degree customer view

    RiskVille allows generating customer profiles with all the necessary data including policies and documentation. Users can look through customer history and behavior.

Our Tech Stack

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud icon Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • HTML icon HTML
  • Bootstrap icon Bootstrap
  • Visual Studio icon Visual Studio
  • C# icon C#
  • .NET Core icon .NET Core
  • Jetbrains icon Jetbrains
  • Navicat icon Navicat
  • Git icon Git
  • Jira icon Jira
  • WebStorm icon WebStorm
  • SSL (CloudFlare) icon SSL (CloudFlare)

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