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Project overview

Nextcom Evolution CRM System is an all-in-one customer relationship platform. It optimizes sales through convenient customer cards overview, list management, meetings, integrated invoices, telephony, and predictive dialer. The CRM tool has extra sales modules and can be integrated with external solutions. For this project, we focus precisely on integrations.

Client information

Nextcom Evolution AS was founded by Thomas Wolf and Steinar Talmoen. It’s a pioneer within Private Cloud CRMI systems (intelligent web-based customer management systems) tailored th the market needs. The company optimizes CRM processes and activities that leads to increased control, sales, and customer satisfaction.

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crm system for norwegian software provider project

Business challenge

As long as Nextcom is a relatively small company with a few in-house employees, it couldn’t handle all the dev tasks. The client team started building the CRM system independently. However, with the increase in the number of customers, Nextcom decided to partner with DICEUS. Initially, we helped with the integration tasks and then expanded our services with .NET development for CRM solutions.

Technical challenges

One of the core functionalities of Nextcom Evolution CRM is a two-way integration of a native product with SugarCRM. Both platforms are large, with over 1,200 information tables. Thus, our main task was to set this synchronous integration between the systems to ensure their stability and efficiency. Further, we had to tune more integrations between the native CRM and various external tools, including ERP. Mainly, the work was based on the .NET environment.

Solution delivered

Nowadays, Nextcom CRM is a powerful and universal solution. It optimizes customer experience, improves sales, and gathers essential data under one roof. The solution has a number of customizable modules that can be tailored according to the requirements of each client. This CRM provides industry-specific features, templates, lists, SMS, telephony, third-party connections.

We’re helping Nextcom for more than seven years in a row. Mainly, we continue focusing on seamless integrations of the CRM product with end-user solutions.

crm system for norwegian software provider solution
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Key features

crm system for norwegian software provider key feature
  • Booking meetings

    Users can easily send invitations and appoint meetings using one tool. The meetings are automatically registered in Google Calendar or Outlook.

  • Customer cards

    A unique overview of all customer details helps to always keep in touch with core data. Moreover, the system suggests the best follow-ups.

  • Invoices

    You also can send automated invoices to all clients via this CRM. If needed, optical character recognition can be enabled.

  • List management

    The tool supports manual and automated lists of both existing and potential customers. Segmentation and reporting features are available.

  • Predictive dialer

    The system can call several clients at once and then redirect them to free operators. Thus, consultants save time and avoid rejected calls.

  • Telephony, emails, and SMS

    All communication channels are integrated directly. The history of each contact action is recorded and saved to cards.

Value to our client

  • 2,000 people per day use the system

    Various Nextcom customers regularly use the CRM software integrated by our developers.

  • Migration from monolith to REST API

    The outdated architecture wasn’t able to meet new requirements. Now, the solution has a REST architectural basement.

  • Two-way integration with Office 365 and Google calendars

    We integrated convenient calendars by Google and Office 365 for better CRM experience.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • api-settings REST API

Client feedback


DICEUS learns and performs processes well. Their work is reliable. The developers understand our requirements very well, so we can assign them documentation directly. They know our system, and can develop what we need. And they can handle complicated tasks without needing much direction, if any.

Steinar Talmoen, Co-Founder at Nextcom Evolution

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