A fleet management application for soldier trucking

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    Data transfer system
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    Valuable reporting
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Project overview

Logistics is a whole science of its own, on which numerous businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe depend. Freight and delivery services can never go out of demand, especially in times of global isolation. A savvy approach to logistics optimization goes a long way, resulting in giant business pushes if everything is done right. Automating the underlying processes with dedicated software is one major way to ultimately boost logistics management.

Client information

Soldier Trucking is a US-based logistics and trucking company providing a wide range of freight services in an optimized, business-efficient manner. The enterprise has been servicing the vast grounds of America far and wide since 2006, establishing a firm position in the market and the consistent client-base. And it’s always a pleasure to help modernize and boost such an active, demanded business that still has a lot of potentials to grow and optimize.

a fleet management application for soldier trucking img project overview

Business challenge

Lots of companies and even independent teams are working in the market of transportation and shipping services. The competition is pretty fierce. That’s why ambitious providers should focus on becoming faster, more convenient for both employees and customers, and more efficient as a whole in their business operation. Integrating a custom digital solution for fleet management is an ultimate way to boost the speed and convenience of in-house workflows as well as optimize logistics to make the business more cost- and time-efficient.

Technical challenges

We needed to implement an accessible web application for fleet management. The project’s main complexity lay in that the app should provide in-house fleet management capabilities (for drivers, station managers, maintenance engineers, etc.) and opportunities for employee management (for work applicants, HR managers, and potential drivers). Thus, apart from external use for automated recruiting and hiring, the solution delivers in-house logistics optimization features, with insightful business statistics and reporting generation.

Solution delivered

Soldiers Delivery is an application that allows a) drivers to conveniently apply for freight delivery vacancies and individual orders; b) company management to easily receive and analyze applications of potential employees; c) drivers to manage their routes and orders via a dedicated corporate application; d) in-house specialists to extract valuable reports and adjust business-efficient logistics specifics in the digital format. With such extensive functionality involved, we had to work on a truly feature-rich, complex niche solution.

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Key features

a fleet management application for soldier trucking img key future
  • Management tools

    Managers get to assign drivers to orders, create schedules, hire and fire contractors, communicate with drivers, and more.

  • Scheduling features

    Users can create individual calendars while both drivers and managers get to schedule routes, drops, and shifts at will.

  • Payroll reviewing

    Drivers get an individual account with a convenient dashboard where they can check statistics, payroll, and other details.

  • C-level functionality

    C-level management gets a separate interface for managing in-house specifics and analyzing the underlying business data.

Value to our client

  • Data transfer system

    Data added to certain tools is automatically shared with other functional parts (e.g., calendar data is sent to schedule).

  • Valuable reporting

    The application accumulates tons of business-valuable information during its performance for further analysis.

  • Multipurposeness

    Soldiers Delivery app is very diverse in terms of the specific functionality for different user roles and purposes.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET Core
  • Vue.js Vue.js
  • xamarin Xamarin
  • Azure Azure Cloud Services 

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