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    Optimal season and place analytics
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    Crop rotation management
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    Records systematization

Project overview

Farmers and Earth observation companies know how important it is to control the soil’s condition. A lot depends on the moisture level and the amount of nutrients for plants to nourish. Crop rotation is a complicated process that requires annual analyses. Without thorough planning, successful yields are difficult to predict. To facilitate the process and allow our partners to better manage this aspect, we have developed an application that delivers analytics on the best sowing seasons and locations.

Client information

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earth observation crop rotation software project

Business challenge

Numerous studies accompanied by years of first-hand experience have confirmed that continuous monocropping can lead to yields declining. If the same crop grows continuously, it drains the same nutrients from the soil annually. Eventually, this leads to nutrient depletion and soil infertility. That is why DICEUS has developed a tool that provides analytics on the best time and place for crop rotation.

Technical challenges

The specialized software helps effectively control crop rotation. This leads to better yields at lower costs. The client can now save the budget and keep soil fresh instead of annually analyzing its condition from scratch. The application ultimately allows detecting the best field for sowing and choose the most favorable season.

Solution delivered

In 10 months, the DICEUS team has delivered the tool that provides reliable field analytics for farmers and defines the optimal season for growing specific crops. It also allows for finding ideal area patches for sowing. Thus, the client can maximize the output and their yields. The app helps to decrease costs and manage the underlying processes way more easily since specialists know exactly where and when to sow seeds for a better harvest.

earth observation crop rotation software solution

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Key features

earth observation crop rotation software key
  • Season and field analytics

    Knowing when and where to sow best, specialists get to save time, budget, and avoid unnecessary work.

  • Control of crop rotation

    The in-depth analytics help optimize expenses and avoid any unreasonable sowing with poor results.

  • Workflow-boosting interface

    A convenient, easy-to-figure-out user interface for crops analytics helps speed up and optimize workflow.

  • All records in one place

    There is no need to have multiple apps that analyze different crop aspects.

Value to our client

  • Records systematization

    Usual workflow processes accelerate when all the records can be kept in one place.

  • Crop rotation history

    You can decide which species, when, and where to sow according to all previous yields.

  • Optimized expenses

    The solution can optimize expenses and boost revenue by providing reliable analytics.

Our tech stack

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