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      of what will be covered on the call


      You get structured requirements

      You get a well-structured list of high-level project requirements you don’t even have. They serve a basis for further functional and non-functional requirements gathering, which, if collected correctly, are a key to successful project execution.


      We provide Work Breakdown Structure

      You get a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) document. If you have that, rest assured your project goes as scheduled. We divide the project scope into smaller components and tasks to do to finish the project. This is your number one guarantee that you get an accurate estimation and project schedule.


      You get recommendations on technology

      Based on our strong experience and expertise, we know what technology will fit your project best. Our technical experts determine what technology, framework, platform, programming language are most suitable to develop your project and gain its goals.


      We consult you on software development

      We have a well-organized software development life cycle, built bearing in mind best SDLC practices and quality standards. Our experts will consult you on how it works and explain why every stage is critical for project success.


      You get advice on cost-effective solutions

      We’ll use our software engineering and industry-specific knowledge, expertise, skills to offer you most cost-effective solutions. Not to reinvent the wheel, we’ll always recommend you alternative options if there are any on the market.


      You receive a market-fit analysis

      You’ll get a market-fit analysis to show how your software product satisfied the current market demand. Next, we offer minimal viable product (MVP) development services to get quick and valuable feedback from end users.

      You will get the strategy that has helped over 100,000 companies increase their revenue, efficiency, customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge on the market.

      We use our long experience and expertise in various industries to deliver the software products that bring you to the next level with no stress and no delays.

      Consistent project
      planning and strategy

      Well-defined software
      development life cycle

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      Unique customer portal
      to control your project

      Advanced quality assurance
      for projects of any complexity

      Our clients say

      We’ve hepled hundreds of customers realize their idea into successful software projects!

      Phil Reynolds photo

      Phil Reynolds

      CEO at BriteCore

      “I was looking at an [internal] estimate in the $100,000 range, but Diceus wrapped the project up for around $60,000. The Diceus team has consistently supported the BriteCore team for many years. Their engineers are well-educated and highly invested in the ongoing quality of the BriteCore platform with sustained relationships that extend over four years. We appreciate everything the Diceus team brings to the table as a development partner.”
      Søren Hundebøll photo

      Søren Hundebøll

      Co-Founder at RiskVille

      “Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full-stack development, the team is flexible in this work, because they managed to develop a certain part of the stack. Diceus could recommend alternatives to solve the issues.”
      Robert Koval photo

      Robert Koval

      Managing Director at TeamBase DMCC

      “The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to Diceus’ technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team’s professionalism, cost-effective rates, and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users.”
      Steinar Talmoen photo

      Steinar Talmoen

      Co-Founder at Nextcom Evolution

      “Diceus learns and performs processes well. Their work is reliable. The developers understand our requirements very well, so we can assign them documentation directly. They know our system, and can develop what we need. And they can handle complicated tasks without needing much direction, if any.”
      David Abbott photo

      David Abbott

      CEO at Take Note

      “We were relieved when we started the work with Diceus, the competence level promised, was evident with a real commitment to quality. They gained a quick understanding of our business which meant they were highly productive very quickly. The price was also competitive, reducing the costs of working with our previous partner in India and probably halving the price we would pay for less qualified developers in the UK.”
      Tokio Kuwamura photo

      Tokio Kuwamura

      Director at Sakura Communication

      “I learned not only how to integrate a system but also how to proceed with the business. We are a system integrator. The collaboration with Diceus is not only engineering for system development, but also a mutual work on business, including getting a contract and a quote. Diceus' knowledge of providing services to customers around the world has become a major weapon in our business.”
      Mohammed Albarrak photo

      Mohammed Albarrak

      Solutions Development Manager at Lean Business Services

      “The platform automates the entire complaint workflow and ensures patient identity. We can now plan error compensation and prevention faster!”
      Alexander Baravkov photo

      Alexander Baravkov

      Product Manager at Lion Trans in Georgia

      “The quality of the finished portal functions is excellent. Diceus provides expert development services at a reasonable cost. They deliver their work in a timely manner. Customers can expect a communicative and proactive team.”
      Apply for a FREE 30-minute software project strategy session Hurry up! We have a limited number of free consultations for november

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      from our happy clients

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      Apply for a FREE 30-minute software project strategy session Hurry up! We have a limited number of free consultations for november


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      Apply for your FREE 30-minute software project strategy call and get next steps to kick-off your project

      WARNING: Before you ask for this free consultation, be sure that it has been developed for people serious about technology as a driving force of their business and are ready to invest resources in implementing and maintaining technology.

      We’ll need your commitment during the session to clearly understand your high-level requirements and draw out the most relevant strategic steps to get your project done most efficiently.

      If you are ready, just simply claim for a call. We recommend you to hurry up as we have a limited number of time slots for this month. This offer will be available for a couple of months only, so feel free to take advantage of the offer before it expires.

      Your next steps should be as follows:

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      Illia Pinchuk

      DICEUS, CEO & Founder

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      Illia Pinchuk photo
      Apply for a FREE 30-minute software project strategy session Hurry up! We have a limited number of free consultations for november
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