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    Reduction of duration and cost of clinical trials
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Project overview

Verisense by Shimmer is a wearable sensor platform for clinical trials. It allows for reducing the duration and cost of research and converting data into comprehensive insights about different diseases, possible treatments, and strategies that work best.

Client information

Shimmer Sensing is a leading provider of wearable sensing technology solutions and consultancy services since 2008. They offer their products and services to the research and education; pharmaceutical; enterprise; and end-user markets.

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verisense wearable sensing platform by shimmer logo project overview

Business challenge

Understanding that Clinical Trials are facing crisis and old objective measures are irrelevant today, our client’s goal was to meet the growing demand for medical-grade wearables. These next-generation devices are a low-cost technology that allows effective processing of real-world data for generating clinical evidence in the healthcare industry. The new solution had to provide access to sponsor and participant data to objectively measure activity and sleep indicators.

Technical challenges

The solution was supposed to gather biometric data with the minimum technical burden on patients and clinical trial sites. It had to capture data from wrist sensors and send it to the cloud providing input data for analysis. We had to ensure data integrity and security by embedding the client’s R/Python algorithms running on AWS Lambda.

We have built a cloud-based platform and a mobile app serving as a base station and allowing for continuous patient monitoring. To meet complex data flows, we adjusted the client’s SDK logic. Our developers have embedded new code logic to meet all needed data migration requirements and developed advanced features to ensure data integrity and security.

Solution delivered

The final solution is a combination of a fully-customizable cloud-based platform integrated with customer’s data processing algorithms and connected with sensor devices by Wi-Fi, BLE5, and LTE. The patients’ data is processed and displayed on web-based dashboards. Base stations and sensor devices can be easily configured on dashboards, as well.

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Key features

verisense wearable sensing platform by shimmer key feature
  • Continuous raw data

    Once the user is near the base station, biometric data is uploaded automatically. No actions from the patients and sponsors are needed. Due to the embedded algorithms, the data is accurate and highly-secured.

  • Analysis and reporting

    A lot of metrics can be applied and delivered to the web. The platform can process different sleep and activity data including gait parameters, joint angle calculation, Parkinson’s tremor classification, rehab exercise count, etc.

  • Complete customization

    The platform is easily implemented and is fully adaptable. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of different clinical trials.

  • Remote monitoring

    Advanced features allow for continuous remote patient monitoring. The platform can also send messages both to sites and base stations.

Value to our client

  • 5 minute set-up time

    Due to the easy set-up and integration process, the clinical trial sites are able to conduct their studies faster, which allows for cutting costs and duration of trials and providing reliable data for analysis.

  • 3 beta trials with Verisense

    Letterkenny Institute of Technology is studying fatigue in cancer. Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital’s Motion Analysis Laboratory analyzes recovery from stroke. Boston University at their Alzheimer’s Disease Center uses the study as a prototype for continuous monitoring of Alzheimer’s patients.

  • 2 GHP International Life Sciences Awards

    Best Clinical Trials Wearable Sensor Technology Company USA, and Best Researcher Wearable Wireless Technology Provider 2019

  • Reduced clinical trials duration and cost

    Easy setup procedure and advanced technical capabilities allow reducing the time spent on research.

  • Improved algorithms

    Advanced algorithms for activity and sleep ensure more accurate data for clinical trials whereas R and Python algorithms ensure data integrity and accuracy.

  • Complete integration options for sponsors

    Sponsors and patients can easily track their sleep and activity indicators via the mobile application.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET Core
  • angular js Angular
  • xamarin Xamarin
  • Telerik-Kendo-UI Telerik Kendo UI
  • bootstrap Bootstrap
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