TekTelic new website case

  • tektelik new website case ico better visual appeal

    Better visual appeal
  • tektelik new website case ico more personalization

    More personalization
  • tektelik new website case ico more potential sales

    More potential sales

Project overview

Providing services online nowadays requires both an attractive, inviting presentation and high performance to guarantee smooth interaction and high quality of customer experience. And if the client provides advanced, complex niche-oriented services, their dedicated website should ultimately reflect a consistent business approach. This is exactly what we set out to achieve for TekTelic.

Client information

TekTelic Communications is a private Canadian company specializing in communications technologies. The client provides a wide range of traditional and advanced services in the field and covers the scope of expertise that includes best-in-class IoT gateways, sensors, and applications, as well as custom high-power 2G/3G/4G radios, basebands, small cells, and DAS.

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tektelik new website case project overview

Business challenge

The client required a new fresh website design to keep the business up-to-date and add up to brand awareness. A new way of demonstrating the scope of services and company info means a new way of impacting existing and potential customers’ perception of the business at hand all around. That is why we needed to keep it all trendy yet strictly functional and concise.

Technical challenges

We needed to update the previous website design with something more visually appealing to demonstrate the company’s portfolio in a more favorable light. The other essential task was to enhance functionality to make user request handling more comfortable and more efficient, smooth out customer interaction online, and boost performance capabilities. To support SEO ranking, the website had to be designed responsively on mobile devices.

Solution delivered

An updated TecTelik website boasts enhanced visuals and a more eye-grabbing content demonstration format, a new back-end functionality for user logins, and a whole new section dedicated to commercial offers. An updated design should do the trick and expand lead generation capabilities. Personal account creation also establishes a more personalized take on user interactions, which should better stimulate traffic.

tektelik new website case solution

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Key features

tektelik new website case key
  • eCommerce section

    A new website section dedicated exclusively to the company offers available to purchase influences customers’ decision-making.

  • Personal accounts

    Getting an individual user cabinet, potential customers get personalized treatment and are more likely to turn into real buyers.

  • Mobile optimization

    The website SEO is now mobile-friendly, meaning that the traffic generated via smartphones and tablets will be properly ranked.

  • News and updates

    Logged in users have a separate section with notifications about special offers and information on all relevant updates.

Value to our client

  • Better visual appeal

    Modern web users view dozens of various pages a day, so refurbished visual design is crucial to standing out of the crowd.

  • More personalization

    It is only logical that users feel more special when they get a personal space on the provider’s portal.

  • More potential sales

    A revamped website is a perfect moment for the company to draw the target audience’s attention and boost conversion rates.

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