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Project overview

Properly adjusted and aligned data management is crucial for any business and company workflow. All data, be it in-house assets or user information, must be reliably stored, easily accessed, and managed in the most versatile way to ensure infrastructure running smoothly. For the ultimate efficiency of data management in a particular workflow, companies implement custom data management solutions tailored specifically to their operational format. And this is exactly what we had to create for our client.

Client information

HCM International or Hostettler and Company is a global financial management enterprise focused on governance and compliance management with headquarters in Switzerland and Germany. As a member of the GECN Group (Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group), the company is an established market provider with a range of services, including optimization of governance and compliance, risk and finance, compensation, job architecture, HR management, and other initiatives for other companies and institutions (including regulators and governmental sectors).

hcm data management system project

Business challenge

We needed to implement a convenient web platform that would dramatically facilitate and accelerate data management-related processes in an established company. The main goal was to provide a simple, hassle-free way for employees to handle data-specific tasks. In the long run, this should most positively affect the general performance of the company, boosting client satisfaction rates and income volumes as a result. All in all, we were looking at an all-in-one web app that would take a lot of employee performance routine pains away.

Technical challenges

The task at hand was to create a business-specific data management web platform for in-house use, the primary purpose of which was to help employees collect, structure, and store data from external sources, as well as analyze it, consolidate, and prepare reports based on the relevant data assets. That had to be achieved with an intuitive yet diverse and highly available online interface with convenient dashboards, specific visualizations, and functionality spread over multiple user roles. We also needed to add data download automation and set up a sturdy web hosting that wouldn’t fail the client in stress-load situations.

Solution delivered

HCM is a universal data management solution for the eponymous company that helps its employees get a grip on the regular inflow of information, easily structure it, automate certain related tasks, and use reliable web storage without downtime. The application also allows managing reports, viewing relevant regulations, managing data downloads by priority, and working in an admin-specific functional area. The final app is a complex solution in its core, with extensive functionality, which is simple and easy-to-use on the surface.

hcm data management system solution
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Key features

hcm data management system key
  • Data management

    There are versatile data management opportunities set in motion with dozens of custom features and tools.

  • Multiple user roles

    Separate dashboards for different user types provide capabilities for various purposes and company goals.

  • Sturdy database

    An online PostgreSQL dedicated database allows to reliably store huge heaps of information without any failures.

  • Data automation

    Data from third-party resources can be downloaded automatically to specified locations and structured further.

Value to our client

  • Workflow boost

    With a pinch of automation here and a selection of handy data management tools there, the overall workflow becomes smoother and faster.

  • Data accessibility

    Employees can easily access data from anywhere online via a PC, tablet, or smartphone and keep up with the major tasks at all times.

  • Universal system

    Employees get a single solution to handle all their data management tasks, create reports, and analyze related statistics.

Our tech stack

  • python Python
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • django Django
  • Vue.js Vue.js

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