Subscription management and enterprise functionality in existing web apps

  • 80%

    80% reduction in manual effort
  • Billions

    Billions of visits per year can be handled
  • subscription management and enterprise functionality in existing web apps sitecore

    Sitecore used as the most effective tool

Project overview

eTool is a software solution for life-cycle assessment in construction. It’s based on the SaaS model and works for thousands of clients around the globe. Still, in 2017, the team had manual subscription management and insufficient enterprise functionality. We had to automate processes using the Sitecore Experience Platform and Experience Database.

Client information

eTool is an Australian company behind the eponymous software application. It provides comprehensive life-cycle assessment and design services for the construction industry. Using eTool, customers can analyze the sustainability of their buildings and infrastructure, generate reports, check multiple factors related to energy, water, land, toxicity, etc. Currently, there are more than 3,000 users.

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Business challenge

The client faced a high load related to numerous new subscribers and existing users. There was a pressing need to work with data effectively. eTool wanted to automate its subscription processes to optimize management, improve employee and user experience. In addition, the client decided to boost enterprise features, adding dashboards, profiles, workflows, and billing/payment options.

Technical challenges

The existing solution for SaaS subscription management was based on CheddarGetter with manual processing. We had to connect the software to CheddarGetter API, automate the process, add new views for management, integrate enterprise and payment solutions. The software was on ASP.NET with a MySQL database. We agreed to use the Sitecore system to add a reliable and robust database with data analysis and registry of contacts.

Solution delivered

As a result, we upgraded the existing eTool web application. The final solution supports automated subscriptions through CheddarGetter API, new sections for different steps of the customer journey, billing views, and administration workflows. In total, our engineer added 33 enterprise modules and views plus 3 production releases. The Sitecore Experience Database ensures end-to-end integration support with the web system.

subscription management and enterprise functionality in existing web apps solution delivered
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Key features

subscription management and enterprise functionality in existing web apps key
  • Enterprise management modules

    For the company side, we added user tools for management, profile views, dashboards, project ownerships, leads.

  • Integrated payments

    Particularly, the enterprise stack included billing features such as billing method views, web app payments.

  • Updated profile and app views

    For the application itself, we optimized all sections of personal accounts like plan selection, subscription, management, and settings.

  • CheddarGetter API integration

    We connected new features with the existing solution to maintain the stability of business processes.

Value to our client

  • Billions of visits per year

    that the new system can handle without issues.

  • Full technical support

    for the eTool team.

  • Manual effort reduced by 80%

    thanks to subscription management automation.

  • Sitecore suggested as a cost-effective tool

    that meets the client’s needs.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • sitecore Sitecore
  • My-SQL MySQL

Client feedback


The project ran smoothly. DICEUS delivered good work and increased resources in an effort to maintain deadlines. The project itself was adding functionality to an existing web app and DICEUS had to quickly become familiar with a very large code base to deliver the work which is commendable. We will consider them for future projects.

Richard Haynes, eTool CEO

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