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    REST API for smooth integration with partners

Project overview

Take Note is an e-commerce business providing transcription and captions via the cloud platform. It includes the transcription interface for browsers, a media player, a mobile application for clients, and the entire internal workflow. We were hired to develop the cloud solution that enables e-commerce, tracks progress, and ensures the company can operate efficiently through managing all customer requirements and fulfillment. Our expert in the team handles features, integrations, bug fixes, optimization, maintenance, and security upgrades, big and small.

Client information

Take Note is an online transcription business established in 2006 and serving industries such as Market Research, Academia, Medical, Publishing, Legal & HR. The company provides a wide range of solutions, from captions for video-makers to summarized transcripts of important meetings and research projects, through to full verbatim records. Take Note has an office-based project team in London and a distributed workforce of 600 across the UK.

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end to end cloud platform e commerce workflow order management resource management project

Business challenge

Take Note is a fast-growing online transcription service. The company’s management decided to outsource the development of its new cloud platform, keeping in-house product managers and Scrum masters. However, the team had encountered several issues with development partners, either not having the same commitment to quality or the best possible outcomes. For this client, we analyzed the business and technology needs and offered the best cooperation model based on outsourcing.

Technical challenges

The client invested in building an end-to-end cloud-based platform. It is based on PHP, combined with the MongoDB database and REST API functionality. The main challenge has been the ERP-grade size and scale of the platform. It had to handle the entire workflow, from the first interaction with a customer to producing final invoices. The Take Note platform’s objective centers around the best user experience and highly secure services. Hence, we had to ensure this quality level.

Solution delivered

The final cloud system for Take Note covers all areas of the business. It offers a secure and smooth experience for clients and helps to run the whole operation with optimum efficiency. The solution allows our client to manage orders, workflows, resources, and progress of any cooperation seamlessly. It integrates with the website and supports API connections. Overall, the project is incredibly significant as part of the brand’s digital transformation.

end to end cloud platform e commerce workflow order management resource management solution
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Key features

end to end cloud platform e commerce workflow order management resource management key
  • E-commerce tool

    Helps Take Note to compete impressively online with high-quality CX and full transparency.

  • Resource and progress management

    The comprehensive back-office modules optimize workflows, helping the company to deliver efficiently and reliably to clients.

  • Seamless connections

    We designed a system that connects the whole business, internal modules, web interfaces, and a mobile app.

  • Transcription platform integration

    The cloud solution connects to client web services, providing a highly efficient API for clients.

Value to our client

  • End-to-end process management

    We guarantee that the solution covers all workflow stages, including online ordering, progress tracking, resource management, and full invoicing details.

  • High security

    Take Note works with sensitive client data, it maintains perfect privacy and security through the cloud platform.

  • One web interface for end-users

    Via the company’s website (, people can obtain quotes, upload files, choose the demanded service, and get the results.


    Efficient and secure API that enables direct integration with client platforms, quicker delivery of results.

Our tech stack

  • angular js Angular
  • php PHP
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML

Client feedback

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We were relieved when we started the work with DICEUS, the competence level promised, was evident with a real commitment to quality. They gained a quick understanding of our business which meant they were highly productive very quickly. The price was also competitive, reducing the costs of working with our previous partner in India and probably halving the price we would pay for less qualified developers in the UK.

David Abbott, Take Note CEO

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