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Reliable online payments require a secure software foundation backing up the interface that is fast and accessible to work with. On top of that, new advanced payment methods, like contactless technology, have taken a firm place in everyday life of consumers. More and more people wish to pay for goods remotely, putting as little effort into the action as possible. That’s why we approached the project at hand with a heavy focus on the modern user market.


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Any commercial project with online reach needs to provide a fast, convenient, and protected way for customers to make remote payments. We had to help the client offer something that wouldn’t take any extra effort and keep all the data specified by users firmly safe. The solution we eventually came up with uses a combination of the necessary technologies and in-depth expertise of our specialists.


We had to develop a piece of contactless payment software based on several complex web technologies. The main focus was put on the NFC capabilities bunched with protected processing of widely used banking cards. From the get-go, we knew that users required an easy-to-grasp, lightweight interface to manage financial accounts, and we stuck to exactly such a concept.


Ultimately, we created a solution that allows users to withdraw cash and replenish individual card accounts at retailers. To keep it all up-to-date, we also enabled users to make contactless payments from cards by phone via NFC technology. Among additional features – an ability to block and unblock cards at will, for instance, when a user travels abroad and needs to freeze the account.

contactless payment solution solution

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Key features

contactless payment solution key
  • Flexibility of payments

    Users get to employ a variety of cash deposit and withdrawal options at a number of retail locations throughout Europe.

  • Fully remote purchases

    Customers can make contactless payments via their smartphone at any time convenient, even offline.

  • Improved interaction

    Retail providers get to offer simpler, more convenient shopping experiences with a proprietary mobile banking app.

Value to our client

  • All-in-one functionality

    Users get one app for physical payments, international transactions, and other retail operations.

  • Boosted user engagement

    The easier it is for customers to make purchases and interact with a provider, the more motivated they are to have business with a certain market player.

Our tech stack

  • api-settings REST API
  • javascript JavaScript
  • My-SQL MySQL
  • python Python
  • ror RoR
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