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What we offer

Mobile app development

A modern insurance business must efficiently settle in-house questions, reach out to clients, and provide convenient service interaction opportunities. That is if you are looking to keep up with the market competition and stay up to date. Thus, we focus on insurance mobile app development, providing solutions that keep in line with the field specifics, high grant levels of reliability and security, and have insurance-specific features that make both your employees’ and client’s lives easier.

Web app development

A reliable insurance services provider always has an inviting, convenient online headquarters. With a vast majority of today’s clients across all industries preferring to discover services and collaborations on the web, your online representation is paramount to your overall business success. DICEUS will help you demonstrate the level of your services and highlight your unique business attributes in the most favorable light. We can develop a high-performance web application that can work as a regular website and a full-on functional platform.

Custom app development

When it comes to the dedicated business app, it can serve as the best demonstration of your professional intentions and style. A high-quality service provider keeps the quality high across all aspects of their operation. And a custom solution helps demonstrate your particular insurance services specifics most efficiently. Custom insurance app development at DICEUS results in solutions tailored closely to your needs and corporate attributes, translating how you get the job done in the most individual, exclusive manner.

IT services for insurance

Do you need to streamline your insurance services workflow? At DICEUS, we develop digital solutions and provide other IT services for insurance businesses of any shape and size. We can help you set up a sturdy administrative infrastructure where all employees and specialists can communicate and collaborate conveniently. For instance, a centralized dashboard in a dedicated app can serve as a highly available power hub, holding specific workflow tools, important business data and metrics, and monitoring features.

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Benefits of our insurance app development

Predictable budget

Years of professional operation in the market guarantees one thing for sure — we certainly know how to do what we do in the most optimal way possible. For one thing, we know how to optimize your project budget not to make you go bankrupt and cut unnecessary costs wherever possible. We automatically help you save costs by eliminating the most common risks and pitfalls right away thanks to our vast experience.

Project roadmap

In terms of insurance app development with DICEUS, we can offer you a number of fitting project roadmaps from the get-go. Every project is unique, but we can use the best practices figured out based on the active performance in the field. Thus, we can select a well-tried-and-tested workflow based on an elaborated collaboration model and adjust it based on your particular business needs.

Flexible cooperation

We know how critical it is to establish smooth, effective collaboration and properly involve the client in the project workflow. The client’s big vision of the project defines the expectations we set out to exceed with our professional effort. For this, we offer a range of flexible cooperation models that we can customize individually to achieve the most convenient, time-, and cost-efficient project conditions for you.

Insurance experience

In an industry as specific and complex as insurance, it is crucial to understand all the moving parts and nuances. Thus, that’s why we have a separate department of insurance-focused IT professionals savvy in software solutions that fit this field of operation best. Treating it as an individual aspect, we characterize our insurance digitization services with a high emphasis on security and UI intuitiveness.

Our insurance app development process

Requirements gatheringThe initial discovery and preliminary research phase are crucial to set up and set off a project that will result in what you need without any “surprises” along the way. At this “project kick-off” stage, we meet the client, discuss their general project vision, gather and formalize requirements, outline the main project milestones, and conduct thorough business, market, and competitor studies. This scrupulous approach allows us to achieve high-quality outcomes at the most optimal budgeting.
Design and developmentOnce we have the further project workflow well figured out, structured, and scheduled, we go on to initiate the technical phases of the project. If we are talking about insurance mobile app development, this usually starts with designing the basic software architecture with the outline of navigation and other essential UI elements. The basic architecture carcass is then passed on to software developers and engineers who hardcode and integrate features and add all sorts of functionality bits and parts to it.
QA and testingEven with the most flawless project workflow and qualified approach, any type of software is prone to have bugs. And a lot of them appear only at certain later stages of projects or even at post-release stages. This is why we polish up every project during thorough QA and testing phases. The combination of manual and automated testing approaches helps get rid of the essential part of serious software issues. Bunched up with separate quality assurance efforts, we deliver reliable software.
Deployment and launchTo further guarantee the highest quality of the end product, we don’t drop projects after the final release and testing/QA stages. In particular, we can help you properly deploy the created software in the required operating environment and organize the impactful launch. Providing all-around maintenance and support along the way, we will introduce your product to the market with a bang and help you keep in line with the major software distribution guidelines and global regulations.

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What impacts your project duration

There are numerous minor and major factors that define the total duration of your project. We do all we can to accelerate processes without sacrificing their quality. But here’s what predefines your project duration in particular:

  • Project requirements
  • Expected deadlines
  • Team composition
  • Chosen technology and platforms
  • Change requests

What affects your project costs

It’s not easy to calculate the total budget at the early stages of the project. Only approximate numbers can be worked out, and we know how to minimize those. Here’s what affects the total cost in the long run:

  • Project scope and complexity
  • Chosen technology
  • Urgency
  • Engagement model
  • Requirements’ accuracy

What we need from your side

As a qualified provider, we handle all aspects of the project workflow cycle. However, the client’s or project owner’s involvement is necessary for the best results. You can help us achieve them by providing the following input:

  • Project goals, vision, and roadmap
  • High-level project requirements
  • Project-specific documentation, if any
  • Client’s availability

Our tech stack

React NativeReact Native

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Frequently asked questions

What features are the most popular for insurance apps?

Insurance software solutions have a number of must-have features, tools, and capabilities. The most demanded include claim filing and managing opportunities, paperwork management tools, digital signature capacities, insurance policy review features, push notifications and convenient statistics-driven dashboards.

Do you have experience in custom development for insurance?

DICEUS is an established software development and IT services company with years of focused insurance software creation experience under our belt. We have a great pool of skilled software specialists savvy in delivering custom solutions tailored to specific business needs and market goals.

Can you help us choose the right tech stack for our project?

To share our knowledge and experience and help other teams advance their insurance software development expertise, we provide in-depth professional consulting services. Our team can help you figure out the specifics of a successful insurance software project, as well as pick the most appropriate tech stack.

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