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insurance software development

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insurance software development

Insurance digital channels

Create omnichannel customer experience by implementing custom insurance digital channels (mobile applications, chatbots, and web portals) that act as a centralized system for customer analytics. These channels can improve client engagement and satisfaction with the company’s products and services. 

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Insurance testing and QA

Insurance is the industry that should adhere to strict regulations and security standards. Testing and quality assurance services will help you ensure high-quality services, data consistency, and the expected level of security.  

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Insurance apps

Build custom insurance web and mobile applications to gain a competitive edge in the market. We help insurers create apps with unique features according to their customers’ expectations. Our discovery phase provides for user journey mapping, customer persona descriptions, and user interviews. 

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Risk management

Manage client data with more preciseness and speed. Specialized AI-based software will help you with that. We have seasoned specialists experienced in implementing complex AI algorithms in the core of our custom InsurTech solutions. This enables companies to better assess risks individually based on particular client cases. The assessment results will come in more than handy at the early stages of client interaction (e.g., when making decisions about the size of insurance rates).

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Claims management

Do you want to minimize the number of routine tasks for your staff? No big deal! All you need to do is reduce your insurance agents’ stress load by automating claims processing. By accelerating the analysis of user data, you can achieve a principally higher level of service. And this means ultimately boosting market competitiveness.

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Customer experience

Need to make your insurance solution more accessible and convenient for users? We can help migrate your stationary insurance software solutions to a mobile format to achieve the maximum level of availability. With the updated solution, your insurance agents will be able to manage business processes and interact with customers on the go, taking full advantage of mobile payments, push notifications, geolocation, and other smartphone features.

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Agency management

The insurance business has unique software requirements, including terminology, legal norms, metrics, etc. We have been working in the industry for years and know how to support insurance goals at every stage of a dedicated product’s lifecycle. You can contact us to get a sturdy, reliable solution that covers a wide scope of insurance management tasks and challenges.

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Policy management

This type of software grants end-to-end management of creating, analyzing, and implementing insurance policies in your agency. It makes complying with in-house security and confidentiality standards when making deals much simpler for your employees. Forget about daily staff briefings concerning user data privacy policies – now, the human factor risks are fully eliminated with custom software capabilities.

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Do you lead or manage an insurance business? You should be well aware that workflow automation is the cornerstone of staying successful and competitive in the current market realities. Turnkey insurance software development can boost the level of customer service. Typically, solutions dedicated to a specific type of business speed up client interaction and order processing with the centralized, niche-focused client database.

According to Deloitte

Financing of InsurTech startups in the first quarter of 2019 alone made up 25% of total insurance business growth and enhancement investments.

According to Statista

58 percent of insurance customers showed a high interest in new insurance models, such as peer-to-peer insurance and on-demand insurance.

According to Statista

Insurance jobs are facing the highest potential automation displacement in the U.S. by 2030.

According to DICEUS

These should be sufficient enough reasons to shift your insurance business towards a new, digitized environment.

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Key advantages to choose DICEUS for insurance software development

Insurance expertise

Developing software for the insurance niche requires a certain level of skill from creators. Our team can boast of tremendous experience in this field as well as dozens of successfully completed projects. We also always try to offer our clients the latest developments in the IT field in order to get not just a working solution but one that provides high-quality end-to-end automation of work processes.

Wide tech stack

We constantly monitor the InsurTech market. That’s why the list of general insurance software solutions we use is constantly replenished with new products based on innovative technologies. Our team is well aware of all the nuances of implementing complex AI systems, let alone lightweight solutions for handling routine tasks using monosyllabic algorithms.

Focus on business values

We provide software development services for the insurance business, taking into account all the major business goals of the client. Our specialists will deliver a highly efficient product that will help you not only cope with pressing problems like speeding up the processing of submissions but also start exploring new horizons and scale the company.

100% guarantee

We guarantee a high level of competitiveness, reliability, and scalability of our solutions. Each of these software development insurance aspects is implemented by specialists of various profiles, including those responsible for compliance with the unspoken indicators of software quality. We also make sure that the project budget is as affordable as possible.

Our insurance software development process

At DICEUS, we are committed to meeting deadlines and budget limits. This is achieved through the following steps, which are an integral part of our insurance software services.

Business analysisAny of our projects begin with defining the client’s business goals, considering long-term prospects, and assessing the current state of the market. All related data is analyzed before starting the work on the project, in order to determine the ultimate specifications that it must meet.
Design and developmentAt the stage of project planning, we choose the best ways to implement the customer interface. Quite often, our designers resort to skeuomorphism to lower the threshold for mastering an application for newbies. We always go to meet the wishes of the client and coordinate the design with the personal or corporate vision.
QA and testingOur experts use all relevant testing techniques, covering all 100% of the code with test cases. This minimizes the likelihood of finding bugs at the release stage and, of course, reduces the number of repeated calls to developers to rework an already finished product.
Deployment and releaseWe always check the created software both using our own in-house hardware and in the real environment of its operation. This ensures that there are no problems on the side of real users, and also speeds up the process of their mastery of the product. And, of course, thanks to this approach, we will never derail your intended release date.
Tech supportWe are focused on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, which means that even after the release of the product, you can always quickly receive qualified technical support. You can also return the project for revision and scaling in order to achieve new business goals and conquer new heights of the insurance industry.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the insurance software?

Insurance software development companies like ours deliver solutions for the management of communication with clients, processing of submissions, claims, and other insurance data, automation of routine tasks, improving and accelerating paperwork. We also build custom software, the particular features of which depend on what you require specifically.

What are the services offered?

We are always up to date with market trends when it comes to insurance software development. That’s why our clients get something more than just automation solutions. Namely, we offer high-tech products based on big data, cloud environments, RPA, and AI.

How much time does it take?

This largely depends on the scope of work to be handled, particular requirements, budget, and the desired time frame. Project completion can take from 2 months (if it is a lightweight, narrow-profile solution) to half a year (if it is a complex system with in-depth capabilities).

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