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Regular SQL Server audit is a necessary procedure to keep your system secure, flawless in operation, and high-performance. For such purposes, we previously developed ApexSQL Audit which, however, still lacked a convenient data aggregation feature to make comprehensive reports. That’s why the decision was made to create an SQL audit-compatible Aggregated Reports feature.


ApexSQL is a top-tier provider of “killer tools for SQL Server”. The renowned SQL-focused company is partners with a number of industry giants (Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, NASA, etc.) and is owned by Quest – an even more renowned software and IT services provider. This particular client knew precisely what it required, making the cooperation experience smooth and efficient.

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There is a wide scope of businesses and market players that require fail-proof, reliable online database management. And while the Microsoft SQL Server provides the essential database management powers, its default capabilities can be significantly improved with extra features to give businesses and users more security, flexibility, and automation.


The main task was to program and deploy a new functional feature for the existing ApexSQL Audit software tool. We set out to create a programmed solution that takes 2D audit data tables generated by ApexSQL Audit and displays it in the form of a comprehensive chat, also allowing for extensive filtering of data.


Aggregated Reports is a piece of software that makes sorting and further analysis of data gathered by ApexSQL Audit ultimately convenient and easy to grasp. The data can be filtered by value, automatically grouped in columns by relevance, displayed either in the ApexSQL Audit GUI or in the form of an exported PDF file. The COUNT function allows grouping data by columns in a smart way. The advanced mode also helps query the data generated during the audit and use Boolean expressions.

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Key features

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  • Chart Forms

    In order to not miss out on all the little things in data reports, clear data visualization is required, which is provided by intuitive chart forms that can be used at will.

  • COUNT Function

    To speed up data grouping and sorting processes, COUNT enables automated, intelligent data grouping at the push of a button.

  • Data Export

    Exporting data to PDF files that are supported by practically all browsers and simply look neat, there won’t be any problems sharing the completed reports with other users.


  • SQL audit optimization

    The whole SQL audit routine becomes much more logical and less cumbersome with data conveniently aggregated into reports that can be exported as common PDF documents.

  • Intelligent data sorting

    The COUNT feature helps to automatically group data by the specified value, setting all columns in order without any necessary manual input.

  • Advanced reporting

    Enabling the advanced mode, an expert can query audited data and process it based on complex Boolean expressions.

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