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Project overview

The market for sports-focused software and solutions providers is as demanded right now as the most popular kinds of sports are. The niche requires advanced approaches and novel software to offer up-to-date experiences. That is precisely the main focus of SynergySport, which needed an application developed that would help the company stand out and outrun the competition.

Client information

SynergySport is an established provider of sports-oriented content and technologies. The company mainly helps clients deliver better experiences for sports fans, participants, media, and the related community via technological solutions and strategic developments. All in all, SynergySport is about the advanced organization of sports management, commercial, and other activities.

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Business challenge

Proper real-time analysis of sports events is a challenge. Especially when it comes to such a peculiar game as baseball. In this aspect, SynergySport required a solution that would help sports analysts efficiently capture major moments of a baseball event based on the sports video timecode. To get the project done, we had to gather a team of international developers with a niche background and lots of in-depth expertise.

Technical challenges

We had to full-cycle develop and deploy a sports analytics application dedicated to baseball match analysis. The project was to be implemented via a complex cross-platform Avalonia framework. Building a microservice-type software architecture alone required lots of hardcoding skills. We are still working on enhancing the interface and widening the scope of capabilities for an utterly convenient user experience delivered for game analysts.

Solution delivered

We ultimately built a complex application for professional use. The interface visualizes all the major details of a baseball match – outs, runs, walks, strikes, plays, etc. The system automatically records goals, strikes, and other match-defining events based on the video with generated time-code segments. The main purpose of the solution is to help specialized sports analysts conveniently capture match highlights, record them, and analyze them for thorough judging and analysis.

synergy sport app for baseball analytics solution

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Key features

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  • Visual interface

    The application offers visualization of all baseball specifics up to the smallest nuances and details.

  • Versatile settings

    A responsible game analyst can easily configure types of players, game approaches, and more.

  • Time-code binding

    Every interface display can be bound to time-code segments for visualization of certain specifics.

  • Reporting and history

    The application stores the history of all in-app interactions and generates automated reports.

Value to our client

  • Highlights

    Real-time captured highlights can be conveniently viewed instead of watching the whole match and identifying major moments.

  • Analysis

    Further game analysis becomes much faster and more precise due to the timely highlights gathered and visualized in one place.

  • Universality

    A single application is enough to go through all the defining aspects of a baseball match, with tons of peculiarities covered.

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