BI loaders upgrade for ApexSQL

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    No more “lazy” BI loaders
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    Extended functionality
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    Faster, better data loading

Project overview

When it comes to processing formidable volumes of complex data, proper high-performance software and an intuitive approach are called for. Many companies experience data loading issues simply because they lack proper tools. That’s why we decided to provide our clients ApexSQL with upgraded BI loaders that create snapshots and extract data from XML.

Client information

ApexSQL is a Serbia-based software provider that focuses on Microsoft SQL solutions. The company is working with a huge number of corporate giants (such as Microsoft, NASA, Intel, and others) and holds a strong position in its niche of business. We’ve had a pleasure to deliver several projects for ApexSQL.

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bi loaders upgrade for apexsql project

Business challenge

In modern market conditions, a business player must be faster than others while also delivering the highest quality at the same time. That’s why it is integral for any company where workflow involves processing SQL Server data to have precise and highly automated BI loading powers.

Technical challenges

The technical priority at hand was to extend the functionality of existing BI loaders ApexSQL had. We needed to enable them to capture data with snapshots and load it from the resulting XML file automatically. The main challenge lied in expanding the functionality of the involved basic software libraries.

Solution delivered

Upgraded BI Loaders of ApexSQL have been supplied with additional methods of data capture and loading. They can now create snapshots of specific data and load this data from the XML snapshot file. The solution is based on the 3 underlying libraries and the Core.

SSAS – applied custom logic and reworked all basic models to enable this library to collect, serialize, and store data in XML.

SSIS – added new methods of rereading the XML data and conducted some minor tweaks.

SSRS – wrote general logic for source XML data gathering and saving.

Core – the basic element with standard methods for data serialization, encryption, and compression.

bi loaders upgrade for apexsql solution

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Key features

bi loaders upgrade for apexsql key
  • Data snapshotting

    BI Loaders can now individually create data snapshots for the most convenient further data processing possible.

  • XML converting

    Captured snapshots are automatically converted to XML files for proper sorting and storage.

  • Loading from XML

    Data can also be extracted from XML to be reread and optimized.

Value to our client

  • No more “lazy” BI loaders

    The lazy loading approach was extended and improved to load data directly from the SQL Server for further processing.

  • Extended functionality

    New methods were added and special logic was implemented to make the software less cumbersome and ultimately faster.

  • Faster, better data loading

    A good share of automation, new integrated approaches, and snapshotting principles make your whole business system optimized and fast.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • Visual-Studio-1 Visual Studio
  • net .NET/ASP.NET

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