BI upgrade for ApexSQL

  • bi upgrade for apexsql performance

    Performance tracking
  • bi upgrade for apexsql security

    Boosted security
  • bi upgrade for apexsql reporting

    In-depth reporting

Project overview

Proper and sturdy BI (Business Intelligence) management relies on the fail-proof, high-quality software. The underlying solutions used for that must, basically, support the foundation of all corporate data a business possesses. That’s why the improvement and optimization of BI software are essential, and we took it with the utmost responsibility when working on the BI application for ApexSQL.

Client information

ApexSQL is a digital solutions provider from Serbia that focuses on the development, optimization, and deployment of Microsoft SQL software. The ultimate market success of the company is defined by its work with Microsoft, NASA, Intel, and many other prominent clients. ApexSQL is currently owned by Quest and is not looking to slow down in its growth in the industry.

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bi upgrade for apexsql project

Business challenge

Managing a corporate database is a highly-responsible job that spawns risks of crumbling the whole business structure if neglected. Repository databases hold the main assets of a business. That’s why companies strive to keep their BI repositories sturdy, secure, smoothly running, and resistant to unauthorized access. These were the primary global tasks we needed to handle with ApexSQL BI.

Technical challenges

The main technical task was to create a web application for monitoring the performance of the existing SQL Server and its underlying services. In the long run, we needed to create and integrate a web database interface that self-hosted (due to OWIN capabilities), mobile-friendly, easily extendable (due to modular code).

Solution delivered

We created a whole new repository database and a service that collects and writes data to it. To manage this database’s and SQL Server’s performance, a separate interface was also integrated that has individual user authentication and management features, generates reports, purges repository, and allows monitoring most everything that’s happening in the system (alerts, counters, free space, average read time, network utilization, etc.).

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Key features

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  • User authentication

    The ApexSQL BI system requires a user name and password upon each launch, rendering unauthorized access impossible and boosting security.

  • Services management

    Users can now conveniently add and group services to be automatically monitored and sorted by the corresponding or user-chosen groups.

  • System monitoring

    Thorough automated monitoring of all system actions and performance aspects allow for keeping the whole ApexSQL BI up and running at all times.

Value to our client

  • Performance tracking

    Each and every action, event, and indicator in ApexSQL tracked via a single application brings the ultimate convenience of managing business-crucial databases.

  • Boosted security

    Necessary user authentication and automated alerting thresholds ultimately improve the overall security of the BI repository.

  • In-depth reporting

    8 types of reporting summaries visualize all major performance factors of the system for efficient analytics and knowledge of every little shift in operations.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • Visual-Studio-1 Visual Studio
  • net .NET/ASP.NET

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