Blockchain real estate purchasing platform

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    Trans-border purchasing
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    Better management
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    Wider opportunities

Project overview

The modern niche of real estate management is more fierce than ever, with the major players adopting advanced technologies and approaches to outrun the competition. In order to stay profitable and long-term successful in the field, ambitious companies should be able to keep up. That’s where marketplace software based on blockchain comes in more than handy.

Client information

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blockchain realestate purchasng platform project

Business challenge

Real estate has always been a highly competitive field of business where huge titles fight for huge profits. This is even more so in the age of advanced customer-oriented technologies. Companies use AR, big data, blockchain, and other solutions to make their offers more attractive and the customer experience more secure and convenient all-around.

Technical challenges

Today, most existing Internet-based real estate marketplaces are maintained and used by individual brokers or agencies. They are focused heavily on advertising, providing users with agency/seller phone number only. We set out to implement a system that improves buying and selling real estate and provides a secured and trusted platform for end-users, agencies, notaries, and government service as well as approved workflows for ownership transfer.

Solution delivered

We created a web-based marketplace for buying real estate backed by Ethereum smart contracts. With the ultimate goal of improving communication between realty parties, brokers, notaries, and escrow reps, it helps to cope with trans-border real estate purchasing issues.

blockchain realestate purchasng platform solution

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Key features

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  • Universal interface

    A detailed interface dedicated exclusively to realty purchasing offers a wide space for descriptions and representation of services.

Value to our client

  • Trans-border purchasing

    A convenient, all-around available interface makes it easier for interested parties to purchase realty objects from abroad.

  • Better management

    Realty owners and employees can now enjoy a painless way to promote their offers on a well-protected dedicated platform.

  • Wider opportunities

    Real estate businesses ultimately get a faster and more convenient way to find new clients and sell objects.

Our tech stack

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  • nodejs NodeJS
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