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Project overview

Real estate is one of the most demanded and active industries out there right now. Companies involved in the sector are working with a never-ending flow of customers and getting multi-million investments to handle. With tons of cumbersome paperwork involved, software solutions come in more than handy in facilitating property management practices. Custom tools in this field help more efficiently bring property owners and tenants together and handle all the underlying deal-making processes.

Client information

Kaizen is a digital services provider based in the United Arab Emirates focused on property management solutions. The company specializes in providing online and offline property management personalization solutions. It offers specific real estate handling options such as convenient in-app rent payments, virtual tours, and a wide range of other services covering all the ins and outs of selling, renting out, or finding a realty property to move in.

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Business challenge

Real estate is one of the fiercest markets, competition-wise, with many large established players and even more emerging “smaller fish” trying to grab a good piece of the realty cake. That said and given the geographical specifics of our client, we had to conduct an efficient business analysis of the existing property management platform, making sure it excels in the market by bringing real use-value.

Technical challenges

We had to analyze the business-specific strengths and weaknesses of Spiky — a property management system with the main online solution and a joint mobile application. Its main goal was to provide property owners and tenants with individually-composed interfaces for managing their real estate-related needs. Apart from basic software architecture, we needed to analyze integrated payment gateways, server maintenance, reliability of data protection, etc. An intricate user role definition was also interpreted — there are multiple user roles treated individually by the system.

Solution delivered

Spiky is a web application offering an accessible user interface for regular property management users (owners and tenants). It is integrated with Google home and Facebook messenger and has chatbots to help users find their way around the system fast and easy. It also has a related mobile app for remote system access via Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. All in all, property owners get a great way to rent out their realty objects without going far, while tenants can easily find available options and even pay rent via Spiky.

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Key features

business analysis of a spiky property management system for kaizen key
  • Individual rent status

    A convenient dashboard demonstrates the full status of one’s rent activities — properties list, payments, due dates, etc.

  • Real-time requests

    A user can launch Spiky, find a property they like, and leave a request to contact the owner at once, without wasting time on realtors.

  • Online payments

    Tenants can easily pay for their rent via Spiky, and owners can pay for maintenance and other services.

  • Market offers listing

    There is a whole separate marketplace section where users can check out service offers available in the real estate market.

Value to our client

  • Direct communication

    No need to involve a realtor or some other third-party service provider — tenants and owners can communicate directly via Spiky.

  • Responsive mobile app

    A dedicated Spiky mobile app duplicates all the major functionality of the platform, allowing for handy remote property management.

  • Highly-available support

    With chatbots in place and an individual admin panel for Spiky support, users get timely help on resolving any platform-specific issues.

Our tech stack

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