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Project overview

Customer experience management (CEM) defines the essential points of regular and eCommerce business success, including traffic stimulation, lead generation, user engagement, and, ultimately, sales volumes and total level of income. That’s why this particular aspect requires in-depth analysis and regular managing effort. Our client, Ethos Integrated Solutions, came up with the unique CEM model that needed to be converted into an interactive web interface.

Client information

Ethos Integrated Solutions is a provider of business-boosting solutions based in the United Arab Emirates. The company focuses on advanced initiatives for business specifics measurement, analysis, and overall improvement. Ethos is an established international market player that has received a number of reputable awards and been included in the Top 100 Companies rating “Dubai OneHundred SME”.

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Business challenge

The client had an established CEM model for thorough customer experience measurement, benchmarking, and assessment, with further business improvement based on the defined best practices. The global goal of the project was to implement this model in the form of a web-based software solution that would help organizations boost their CEM efforts and acquire CEM certification based on the employed model. Ultimately, we had to digitize the client’s existing business-enhancing initiative.

Technical challenges

The task on the agenda was to full-cycle develop an accessible web application with no excessive functionality. The main technical specifics were that the solutions should offer separate user roles with the respective views and functionalities, provide individual user accounts, have multiple localizations, and top-notch interface execution. The software had to be written from scratch and boast hi-end performance according to the latest market standards while being a niche solution for substantial business purposes.

Solution delivered

The implemented application is a polished, top-level business software solution that allows companies to individually optimize the key points of their in-house customer experience management based on the preliminary and accredited self-assessment, employ CEM benchmarking, and get CEMM certification online without going too far. Ethos CEM app is an ultimate tool for businesses looking to expand their specialization measures and reach new levels of the market status.

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Key features

cem web app for ethos integrated solutions img key future
  • CEM self-assessment

    Companies can complete a profiled questionnaire and submit their self-assessment for review to get accredited.

  • CEMM self-certification

    Self-certification is based on a more detailed questionnaire and further CEMM certification assessment online.

  • CEM benchmarking

    Individual company assessments can be benchmarked based on the comparison with the other industry-specific results.

  • Online/offline payments

    Organizations can pay for services both online via credit card and offline with checks, wire exchange, or invoice.

Value to our client

  • Self-sufficient CEM

    The fact that organizations don’t need any extra efforts and third-parties to acquire CEMM certification greatly speeds things up.

  • Online functionality

    The web-based nature of the software solution allows for sturdy, stable performance with a high level of user data security.

  • User roles hierarchy

    The app provides individual permissions for organizations, partners, certification bodies, partner users, and certified assessors.

  • Multi-lingual interface

    The application supports multiple languages for the ultimate international accessibility, with English and Arabic by default.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • net .NET Framework 4.5 
  • Microsoft-SQL-Server SQL Server 2014
  • Solid-Design DDD and SOLID design patterns 

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