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    Improved CI/CD management
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    Business optimization

Project overview

Combining the efficient practices of continuous integration (CI) and continuous development or deployment (CD), IT businesses get to achieve a very fruitful synchronization of development processes with DevOps activities. Intuitive management of CI/CD tasks and activities, however, requires a specialized, convenient interface. That is exactly what we set out to create for our client.

Client information

ApexSQL is a leading provider of most various SQL Server tools. Working with such names as Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, NASA, and many others, this powerhouse IT company governed by Quest is a well-known market player in the profiled niche of SQL Server capabilities.

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ci cd dashboard for apexsql project

Business challenge

In the fiercely competitive market of IT, a business must be sturdy and stable to make it in the harsh, ever-changing conditions. The in-house workflow must constantly evolve and the underlying systems and tools must be continuously updated. CI/CD-powered workflows help establish a reliable workflow free of errors and hindering flaws.

Technical challenges

The main task was to create a standalone web CI/CD dashboard that enables responsible specialists to set up, configure, and execute CI/CD workflow pipelines that can be either initiated manually or scheduled for initialization. The solution also had to be self-hosted on the OWIN-based hosting and go through the full cycle of software development – from requirements analysis and coding to unit testing and bug fixing.

Solution delivered

A new CI/CD Dashboard for ApexSQL is a single-page CI/CD management interface that works right in the browser and offers wide capabilities: drag & drop controls, asynchronous control loading, user authentication, layout exporting and saving, as well as customizable themes.

ci cd dashboard for apexsql solution

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Key features

ci cd dashboard for apexsql key
  • Multiple screens support

    Convenient CSS views in multiple browsers make the CI/CD management routine more flexible and accessible.

  • Modular and reusable controls

    Specialists can easily reuse and nest controls on top of each other for higher convenience of CI/CD management.

  • Asynchronous data loading

    Separate composite controls allow boosting the speed of data loading.

Value to our client

  • Improved CI/CD management

    It is now much easier and more accessible for specialists managing CI/CD processes to work with data and keep track of every little thing.

  • Automated capabilities

    The CI/CD management interface got a healthy dose of automation to speed things up and get rid of excessive manual work.

  • Business optimization

    Faster and more in-depth CI/CD management means smoother and, therefore, more profitable business workflow as a whole.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • Visual-Studio-1 Visual Studio
  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • java Java
  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML

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