TerraPoint cloud-based web solution for Terrabit

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    Bridging the gap
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    Cloud reliability
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Project overview

Today, networks rule the world. Any corporate establishment, be it a simple office, a big business infrastructure, a product warehouse, or a production facility, needs at least to be connected to the world wide web or even have an internal local network for in-house use. That is where network-specializing companies come into play to provide the best means of setting up such communications. An app we developed for Terrabit had the aim to bring providers of such services and their potential clients together.

Client information

Terrabit Networks is a provider of network and communication solutions that covers a whole spectrum of technologies in telecommunications, cloud networks, IT infrastructure, innovative mobile solutions, system administration solutions, and many more. The company has managed to excel in IT services and acquire a wide range of clients on the international level.

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terra point cloud based web solution for terrabit project

Business challenge

The goal was to build a convenient application with an intuitive interface and niche-oriented functionality. The solution’s main purpose was to provide a hassle-free connection between network technologies providers, resellers, and interested customers, allowing everybody to contact each other and order services in one place. The main competitive point of this one is that users do not have to go far to find reliable providers and order services at once.

Technical challenges

The global task was to implement a web application with a user interface that allows different parties (resellers, customers, and engineers) to create a personal account with a dedicated dashboard. To make functionality-injected user pages work and be useful, we had to work on the underlying technical part — create management tabs (dashboard, requests, reports, and settings), enable notifications, provide secure personal chats, and more.

Solution delivered

TerraPoint is a web solution with an intuitive interface for flexible management and distribution of network providers’ and resellers’ services, and their purchases by customer users. Three types of users can create dedicated accounts — engineers, resellers, and customers.

Each gets a page with five essential sections. Those are as follows: “dashboard” (unique for every type of user, holds a general overview, statistics, and notifications), “requests” for customers (a separate section for organizing deals), and “customers” for engineers and resellers (an interface for finding and contacting customers), “reports” (an analytics page), and “settings”.

terra point cloud based web solution for terrabit solution

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Key features

terra point cloud based web solution for terrabit key
  • Unique interfaces

    Engineers, resellers, and customers get individual dashboards to better manage their specific tasks and views.

  • User notifications

    Users are notified of any updates and personal messages via email and in the app itself, via the admin panel.

  • Web functionality

    The solution works out of the browser and stores all the data in the cloud so that everything is well-protected and failproof.

  • Reports and statistics

    Statistics and reports on deals closed and the number of customers help get insights into professional activities.

Value to our client

  • Bridging the gap

    Both service providers and customers do not have to go far to find work or make requests — just launch a web app and make a deal.

  • Cloud reliability

    A cloud-based hosting allows for reinforced data security and sturdy performance of the application without fails and lags.

  • Personalization

    Different types of users get respective capabilities and sections, boosting overall engagement and level of user experience.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • angular js Angular

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