Analytical database migration solution

  • $12.4 mn

    $12.4 million license cost reduction
  • 10

    10 minutes it takes to analyze a database
  • 3x fewer time spent on discovery and assessment

Project overview

The solution developed for Naya Technologies help with database migration analysis. It carefully audits databases, configurations, objects, and features. Further, it creates custom migration plans to help with cloud migration for the software. The tool helps to cut migration costs and optimize processes.

Client information

NAYA Tech is a Silicon Valley-based tech team that works in the field of technology consulting and assistance. Since 2009, it plans, upgrades, deploys, and migrates enterprise databases for large companies and startups. It has rich experience in database, Big Data, and cloud areas.

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analytcal database migration solution project overview

Business challenge

Our client provides database consulting and management services. The company wanted to develop a brand-new solution to enhance database migration processes. According to surveys, users face many issues with migrations: 78% exceeded their project budgets and 90% abandoned projects that exceeded time limits. The DICEUS team had to design and implement this automated analytical platform for migration to mitigate risks, reduce support and operational costs, cut technical debt, and accelerate cloud migration processes.

Technical challenges

The project consisted of two separate parts divided into smaller modules. The database migration tool itself included five modules: Agent (to collect database parameters), Analyze (to check the migration path), Compare (to compare migration complexity), Optimize (to compare usage of resources and make it efficient), and Convert (to change code from one language to another). The migration to the AWS Cloud part included Core (a backend service for analysis and suggestions) and Setting/Testing (a tool for algorithm and Core updates).

Solution delivered

NAYA Tech provides the developed tool to its end-users: large banks, other financial institutions, enterprises. The solution helps with smooth cloud database migration. It analyzes current source databases and identifies migration options. The system automatically generates migration schemes, visualizes paths, and proposes the best and the fastest cloud-native migration options. With it, clients can get detailed reports, reduce tech debt, improve stability and performance of databases, etc. The solution works with different providers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

analytcal database migration solution delivered
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Key features

analytcal database migration solution key features
  • Analytical module

    Detailed and transparent audit of databases.

  • Cost-saving planning

    Pro tips for cloud migration without extra expenses.

  • Data-driven decision making

    Clear estimations and SRS documents.

  • Database ranking

    Assessment of databases by the migration simplicity.

  • Improved visibility

    User-friendly UI/UX with visualization of features.

  • Migration preparation

    The best ways to migrate plus analysis of costs.

Value to our client

  • 10 minutes

    it takes for the developed solution to analyze any database. Instead of weeks of manual work, this system completes assessment extremely quickly.

  • 3x fewer time

    is required for discovery and assessment stages. Businesses spend up to 60% of the migration time on analysis. With this tool, the number cuts to 20%.

  • Automation for all processes

    boosts the entire migration. The solution scans, analyzes, generates scores, visualizes, and suggests the best migration choice.

Our tech stack

  • java Java
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • groovy Groovy
  • Spring Spring
  • angular js Angular

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