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Earth observation solutions help better understand Earth-wide processes, including agricultural research. They help to collect images and statistics collected by satellites. Manual soil exploring requires lots of human resources and a big budget. That’s why it is much more convenient to use drones for these purposes. A high-level drone application for agricultural surveys allows to operate drones and capture essential data.


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There’s more than one agriculture growing season in certain regions, which directly depends on artificial irrigation. Our clients needed to boost the efficiency of their artificial irrigation calculations. They asked for a solution to determine essential agricultural aspects quickly and easily. DICEUS team developed a unique algorithm based on the SAR data that could determine the soil moisture at a national and even worldwide scale.


To improve the data collection and provide better crop yield, DICEUS, together with its partners, has designed a system to collect data. It calculates the needed amount of pesticides, collects visual information, and analyzes all the available data according to previous results.


In 9 months, the DICEUS team has provided the client with a drone application for agricultural surveys. It has many functions that manage to solve many existing issues. The app has a Soil Moisture index that helps save water, reduce energy costs, increase yields, protect the environment, and forecast investment in artificial irrigation to assemble their investment models with the most accurate data. Thus, our clients increased their profit and made the work process much more convenient.


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Key features

  • Provide accurate NDVI percentages

    Normalized difference vegetation index is used to analyze remote sensing measurements.

  • Proactively structure pesticide spray schedules

    No more difficulties with fertilizers’ scheduling and calculation.

  • Increase crop yield

    It improves the soil quality and increases the chance of a good harvest.

  • Analyze data to find correlations between specific diseases and images

    You can now quickly analyze the soil quality and its individual fertilization requirements.

Value to our client

  • Web and mobile platforms

    You get organized farm data with a visual timeline to view aerial maps, track weather conditions, and share critical crop data.

  • Data and images collection

    Drones operation allows to capture essential data and analyze it according to all the available statistics.

  • Resource conservation

    The Soil Moisture index helps save water, reduce energy costs, increase yields, and protect the environment.

Our tech stack

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