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Oil and gas business is a niche that needs thorough optimization and automation of workflow. There is a huge workload to handle and manage. Using cloud-based software as a solution, companies in the field can make better data-driven decisions, cut costs, save employees’ time, and improve the flow of business overall. A dedicated app may feature:

  • Management of the internal and external stakeholders;
  • Assets monitoring;
  • Damage and maintenance issues detection;
  • Visual documentation creation;
  • Up-to-date maps analysis.


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Any gas and oil activity means the regular accumulation of huge volumes of data gathered by satellites and other telecommunication devices. The key to outrunning competitors is the speed of processing data, extracting valuable analytics, and managing regular workflow. In this regard, cloud solutions are highly efficient at speeding things up, making corporate interactions more accessible, and reinforcing the security of data.


We had to develop a site inspection application that collects data from satellites, structures, and stores it in the client’s database for further processing. The major capacity to implement was the software’s ability to transfer large volumes of data at a high remote connection speed. Due to the specific nature of the data transferred, we also had to provide reinforced security.


In the long run, the team at DICEUS developed a cloud-based satellite data gathering application to make the life of profiled specialists easier and boost the efficiency of site inspection initiatives. Oil and gas experts can now readily access fresh geospatial images and other assets conveniently structured within the intuitive interface.


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Key features

  • Faster operations processing

    With collaborative reports, we improved internal and external stakeholders management.

  • Assets monitoring

    It is now much easier to control all the assets. The employees have round the clock access to oil and gas data.

  • Risk reduction

    The staff can now conduct inspections in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations. It helps to check the system and make sure of its safety thoroughly.

  • Visual documentation

    By creating visual documentation across all sites, you can save all the information, including dates and numbers, in one place. Any team member can read or check it if needed.

  • Data capture

    You can capture all data for any map, model, or analysis with photos, panoramas, and videos.

  • Compliance maintaining

    It has never been this easy to provide the government agencies with up-to-date maps of wells and facilities.

Value to our client

  • Onshore and offshore exploration

    With instant access to petabytes of up-to-date and archive data, environmental monitoring and exploration of hard-to-reach sites become faster and more productive.

  • Resource management

    Employees can download and analyze images on-the-fly, getting to faster tackle the challenges of oil and gas resource management and structural/environmental planning.

  • Work area monitoring

    With real-time updates, companies get immediate indications of work in process or done in certain parts of working areas.

Our tech stack

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