Earth Observation Unique Algorithm to Calculate Soil Moisture Index

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In certain regions, there is more than one agricultural growing season. That’s why irrigation calculation issues are pretty common in the industry. Artificial irrigation can become an effective solution that will help speed up the process. A unique algorithm based on the SAR data allows for determining the soil moisture level over extensive patches of the agricultural area.


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Our client aimed to reduce spent resources and increase profits. We offered a unique algorithm as a solution. It allowed determining the soil moisture index and calculating proper irrigations more precisely. The Diceus team’s goal was to speed up and facilitate the underlying processes. The ultimate solution was the artificial irrigation capabilities to modernize and optimize the whole workflow.


Synthetic Aperture Data (SAR) helps efficiently determine soil moisture levels at a national or even worldwide scale. Our main goal was to implement a graphic soil moisture index solution with that data as a core source for analyses. In a nutshell, we intended to create an interface based on the original algorithm that is a dynamic climatic heat map convenient to view and analyze.


In 9 months, Diceus has developed a unique algorithm that aggregates the detailed soil moisture index. In the long run, the solution helps save water and protect the environment, which is already a significant contribution to our planet’s welfare. Besides, our partner can gain boosted profits by reducing energy costs, increasing yields, and forecasting artificial irrigation investment.

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Key features

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  • Synthetic Aperture Data processing

    A unique algorithm based on the SAR data allows for determining the soil moisture more precisely.

  • The new unique index for clients

    The client is now able to check the soil moisture index fast and manage other important metrics.

  • Query-based web services interface

    with filters, quick search and results.


  • Artificial irrigation calculation

    It allows for accelerating the process and predicting the spending scope, including financial, time, and labor expenditures.

  • Environment-friendly

    The unique algorithm helps avoid unwanted waste of water and keeps the soil moisturized.

  • Income increase

    Every business aims to get more profit. With the soil moisture index calculation, it is much easier to reduce energy consumption and increase yields. The client now gets more results with less effort.

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