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Project overview

Online payments is a major element of any eCommerce activity. Today, payment methods have become diverse and advanced in their function. Market players have to keep up with technologies and industry tendencies in order to offer top-level service. We helped our client just with that by developing a dedicated payment gateway for an eCommerce project.

Client information

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ecommerce payment gateway project

Business challenge

ECommerce essentially relies on payments. That’s why potential and existing customers of commercial providers are expecting to get the fastest, most convenient, and secure way to make purchases remotely. We had to help our client offer something that makes online payments ultimately stress-free and on-point for all users.

Technical challenges

The main goal was to develop a flexible, customizable payment gateway solution the client can use on their own. WIth checkout customization opportunities, extensive payment functionality, and advanced features (like credentials scanning via camera and pre-authorization), we delivered an exclusive payment solution to be reckoned with.

Solution delivered

In the long run, we developed and subsequently integrated a hosted payment gateway software application that can be used by an online store to optimize and boost commercial activity online. There are numerous customization capabilities available in the backend as well as optimal features for users craving to make online purchases.

ecommerce payment gateway solution

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Key features

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  • Universal payments

    Customers can use any type of banking/credit card to make payments online without bothering with extra requirements or limitations.

  • eCommerce functionality

    Online stores employing the software get to easily accept payments and get fast settlements via a reliable solution.

  • International reach

    Using the solution, e-stores get to reach customers from different countries of the world, accepting payments in international currencies and using dynamic conversion at checkout.

Value to our client

  • Built-in customizations

    An e-store adapting the solution, can configure and customize the checkout page according to a certain corporate style.

  • Fast payments

    Users don’t have to type their card credentials manually - the data can be scanned via camera and the CVV code has to be specified only once.

  • Pre-authorization

    The special feature blocks money on a placed order for a timely refund if the payment is modified or cancelled within 2 days.

Our tech stack

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