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Project overview

Extended Events processing is an integral part of SQL audit. The basic EE engine must have in-depth functionality and be flexible in work in order to provide convenience and speed of Extended Events processing. Creating a new processor along with a parser, we also expanded the functionality of pre-existing EE engine elements to give the client an all-around efficient approach.

Client information

ApexSQL is a company focused on creating, distributing, and deploying SQL Server solutions. Currently owned by the renowned Quest (a top software and IT services provider in the niche), ApexSQL is working with some of the industry’s biggest partners, including Intel, Bank of America, and even NASA.

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Business challenge

The business workflow must be a fail-proof and error-free as possible to bring long-term, stable results. Extended Events processing is an advanced and very efficient way to indicate SQL Server errors and prevent them timely. That’s why we set out to expand the powers of ApexSQL’s existing EE engine.

Technical challenges

Management of Extended Events is among the major ways of efficiently troubleshooting any potential errors in the SQL Server’s performance. We needed to create a new processor and parser, as well as add changes to the existing elements. The main tasks were to create a configurable data-transfer mechanism, parser library able to convert EEs to CRD, and more.

Solution delivered

We created and integrated new Extended Events elements for the existing ApexSQL Audit library. New assemblies of DLL files and actors make for a powerful, reliable ExtnededEvents engine. The main ApexSql.Audit.ExtendedEvents.Processor element consists of the following actors:

  • EeProcessorManagerActor – a setup configuration class for Ssee libraries.
  • ExtendedEventsManagerActor – a class that governs initialization and management of Extended Events sessions.
  • ExtendedEventsCollectingActor – collects Extended Events files and filters data they hold.
  • PackageSendingActor – builds packages with Extended Events and sends them to central instances.
  • EventFilteringActor – filters events before processing based on the AuditingConfiguration.
extended events engine integration solution

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Key features

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  • ApexSql. Audit. ExtendedEvents. Processor

    A convenient processor that sets up the ApexSql.SseeEngine library based on the AuditConfiguration and allows managing collected XEL files. It is, basically, an assembly of the following actors:

  • ApexSql. Audit. ExtendedEvents. Parser

    A DLL assembly that converts EE data in the XEL format into the ApexSQLAudit format and passes data to store in the CRD format.

  • ApexSql. Audit. Processor. Central

    Allows working with configurations of auditing processor so that configurations are specified per server instance and converted into a simple, accessible form.

Value to our client

  • Boosted audit

    Auditing procedures and results become ultimately smoother and more fruitful when a truly powerful EE processor is at work.

  • Better EE management

    All the underlying Extended Events manipulations are now additionally automated and can be managed more diversely.

  • Updated auditing processor

    The existing auditing processor acts as the ultimate performance booster, allowing to eliminate issues more thoroughly.

Our tech stack

  • ch C#
  • Visual-Studio-1 Visual Studio
  • net .NET/ASP.NET
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