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Project overview

Healthcare is a complicated field that requires special expertise. Even small mistakes can become fatal. It’s crucial to be able to share information quickly, safely, and securely. Since it is always difficult to keep everything in mind, it is better for Health or Social Care Consultants to systemize the information in one place. We created a solution that is an effective helping tool to use for most of the work. It allows to systemize:

  • Laboratory orders and radiology requests;
  • Out of hours visits in real time;
  • Prescribed medications;
  • Expected or planned appointments;
  • Potentially related documents and forms;
  • Reports from other care providers (physiotherapy, mental health, social services, etc.);
  • Allergies and alerts;
  • Previous and current medication;
  • Next of kin and relevant contact details;
  • Patient's contact details;
  • Previous illnesses and episodes of care.

Client information

ReStart Consulting is a company that focuses on consulting integration and interoperability across health and social care systems. They aim to provide for healthcare professionals access to the information they need, when they need it, the way they need it. ReStart Consulting allows the healthcare employees to concentrate on patient care and just let the technology work how it should.

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health system solution for restart consulting project

Business challenge

It is difficult to keep the information in mind. The ReStart Consulting strove to provide an easier way to systemize the data. The company had a tired and unsophisticated frontend and wanted to build a different, more modern user interface. They aimed to get a product that is set inside various organizations’ servers or web-based. Thus, DICEUS had the challenge to develop a more open and engaging option to display and present data to a range of clinicians.

Technical challenges

To overcome any difficulties with the slow and tired frontend, DICEUS rebuilt a user interface, designed wireframes, and developed the new frontend. It made the whole project much easier to use and allowed the ReStart Consulting consumers to get information quicker.

Solution delivered

DICEUS developed a new user interface in about six weeks. While the client company provided the idea of what they wanted, the DICEUS team offered ways to improve communication with the client. Thus, ReStart Consulting got more interaction with their users with the wireframes for review and feedback. A clean, crisp display based on a table format also attracted the consumers and made it easier for them to interact with the service. It increased the customer’s loyalty and made the platform more popular among other health consultants.

health system solution for restart consulting solution
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Key features

health system solution for restart consulting key
  • Information systematization

    It became much easier to find and keep needed data while working.

  • Faster interaction

    The platform allows to quickly identify the necessary aspects in extraordinary situations.

Value to our client

  • Information optimization

    Users should no longer work hard to find the information they need. All the data is sorted and placed in specific topics.

  • No lost or unsaved data

    No need to keep everything in mind when you can fix it online.

  • Customer loyalty

    Clients appreciate caring about them. Attentiveness, quick and easy service will become the major advantages for them.

Our tech stack

  • java Java

Client feedback

“They tried to be very clear about our needs before getting started.”

He also added: “The DICEUS team did what they said they were going to do. They delivered on time and on budget. It was exactly what we needed. It wasn't initially what we thought we wanted but, when they had finished, it was what we needed. They didn’t go over the quote they initially gave us.”

Felim McCarthy, Senior Clinical Consultant, ReStart Consulting

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