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Project overview

Palmers Textil AG is a large fashion, clothing, and retail brand from Austria. It was established back in 1914. We were hired to help the company with digital transformation. As a part of this infrastructure audit, we assessed logistics, hardware, and software elements. We identified issues, suggested the best optimization ways and fixes.

Client information

Palmers Textil AG is an international clothing brand that originated in Austria. Ludwig Palmers started it as a laundry back in 1914. In 2000, the company opened its first online shop. Since 2015, Palmers is owned by P Tex Holding GmbH. Today, the brand sells underwear, clothes, and accessories in more than 300 stores in 17 countries.

technical and infrastructure audit for palmers textil project

Business challenge

In 2000, Palmers started the process of digital transformation. It covered all the main parts of the company: e-commerce and the website, POS, ETL, ERP, CRM, and so on. Tech infrastructure acted as the basis, helping all these things work correctly. Still, by mid-2000s, the existing hardware and software solutions became outdated and inefficient.

By that moment, Palmers wasn’t generating profits. The new management team that included Marc Wieser (former CEO of Benetton and Nike) wanted to change things. Palmers hired our team for a detailed audit. Apart from system-specific projects, we ran an in-depth analysis of the whole infrastructure, including servers and licenses.

Audit areas


Palmers had two main locations with server hardware. The main pressing problem was a lack of knowledge about these servers. There were no documents or general understanding of many hardware/software parts, including exact descriptions of functions deployed via Xen and Hyper-V. Backup processes weren’t optimized, as well. These led to potential long downtimes and operation breaks. In total, we identified 6 issues, including 4 major ones.
Proposed solutions:
  • Analyze servers, find out what can be turned off or moved to cloud.
  • Create a comprehensive knowledge base, keep docs in one place.
  • Migrate the chosen servers/functions to AWS to cut costs.
  • Optimize backup processes on the basis of standard procedures.
  • Optimize IT department management, priorities, and workflows.

Cost optimization: from $5,700 per month to $2,500 per month at a distance of 3 years.
technical and infrastructure audit for palmers textil audit 1

Hosting migration

The primary basis for the entire infrastructure was on the legacy system. It connected POS elements and Palmer’s offices into the integrated network but it was inefficient., The IT team in the company has started migration before our audit already. Considering 4 major issues in this area, our main idea was to continue migration to move from the previous provider to AWS, reduce costs up to 50%, and move all the core tools to cloud.
Proposed solutions:
  • Migrate core services like AD or Microsoft Exchange Server to AWS.
  • Plan and prepare metrics for the environment migration handled by the SAP team.
  • Prepare the required tools for XenApp migration, get AWS licenses.
  • Test and document the network structure.

Cost optimization: from $4,200 per month to $2,900 per month at a distance of 3 years.
technical and infrastructure audit for palmers textil audit 2


Pcash audit was the separate project completed for Palmers. In a nutshell, Pcash is a native brand’s POS solution that was actively utilized. However, it was based on inefficient language Groovy. We found 24 issues and suggested how to optimize Pcash. As well, our team made the list of refactoring tasks, prepared the resource plan, and recommended the best migration options.
You can read more about the Pcash POS audit in the dedicated case study:
technical and infrastructure audit for palmers textil audit 3


Our client provided the complete list of licenses. Nevertheless, it lacked information about license owners, descriptions of third-party and side licenses, and notifications about setting or expiration. Only 3 minor issues were identified, including a too high focus on Microsoft-centered licenses. As well, documentation was insufficient. While these problems were minor, we suggested fixing them similarly to other identified issues.
Proposed solutions:
  • Analyze and describe third-party licenses outside of Microsoft.
  • Organize a reliable process to control the license expiration.
  • Outline guides and documents that show how to work with licenses.

Cost optimization: from $4,200 per month to $2,900 per month at a distance of 3 years.
technical and infrastructure audit for palmers textil audit 4

Audit results

In total, we found 13 major and minor issues related to server hardware and software usage, AWS infrastructure migration, and license monitoring. In addition, 5 issues were identified for POS solutions. As a result, we suggested how to document and optimize infrastructure, move it to the cloud, remove the unnecessary elements. We proposed the resource plan, according to which Palmers could save up to 50% of the total budget per month.

Value to our client

  • 50% cost reduction for main areas

    Talking about servers, hosting provider, and Pcash optimization, our proposed improvements could save up to 50% of the total infrastructure budget per month.

  • Detailed documentation and descriptions

    For many servers and software elements, the local IT team didn’t have information at all. During our audit, we documented and described these hardware/software modules and their functions.

  • The dedicated support team suggested

    Considering the identified issues, we recommended setting a 24/7 support process to monitor the infrastructure and protect from possible downtimes.

Our tech stack

  • aws-1 AWS
  • Hyper-V Hyper-V
  • Jenkins Jenkins
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • sap SAP
  • SendGrid SendGrid
  • XenApp XenApp
  • Zabbix Zabbix
  • atos logo 0 Atos

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