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Project overview

For the music startup team from Denmark, we’ve developed the SaaS solution. It allows users to vote for the artists they want to see, form own concert lineups. Simultaneously, Crowdsurfr enables event organizers to analyze preferences, host concerts, and launch pre-sales of tickets.

Client information

Crowdsurfr APS is a startup company from Denmark. It was established in 2017 with the only goal: to help music fans and event planners in Europe and beyond. The team is working in the music/event management industry, and its core product is the platform developed by DICEUS.

Business challenge

Our clients – open-minded startup entrepreneurs from Denmark – had an idea to design a digital platform for music lovers. It had to help fans to participate in a concert organization, therefore, making them feel more connected to their favorite bands and artists. Simultaneously, Crowdsurfr had to provide useful services for hosts, assist with planning and on-site holding.

Technical challenges

Generally, it was required to fit two products into one. The dev team had to design two interfaces, two functional platforms: for music fans (the user-side interface) and for event organizers (the admin-side one). The scope was pretty huge. In addition, we had to care about seamless support of all content types, including interactive ones: music, photos, videos, etc. Finally, the site had to work equally great for both mobile and desktop users.

Solution delivered

We made a unique platform entirely from scratch. Crowdsurfr supports event creation and organization related to the votes of users. Customers and concert hosts can use this tool to choose the preferred artists and form event lineups. The solution also supports audio files, photos, and social media connections so people can find their idols. The Crowdsurfr platform itself supports different content types, without sacrificing load speed or quality.

music event platform for fans and hosts solution
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Key features

music event platform for fans and hosts solution
  • Party planning

    Users are free to organize their own events, such as parties or festivals. They can invite other users, too.

  • Social interactions

    Thanks to rich social media connections, people can find like-minded individuals or groups, participate in discussions. 

  • Ticket reservation

    By sending requests to specific events or even the artists themselves, customers can book concert tickets. 

  • Voting system

    People can choose the favorite musicians, increase their ratings, add to the desired concert lineup. 

music event platform for fans and hosts key 2
  • Audience building

    It’s simple to engage fans by letting them vote for favorites. Thus, producers can increase the audience of artists. 

  • Event planning

    Through the admin panel, hosts can launch and edit events, add content, promote it. 

  • Pre-sales

    By further promoting artists and events, organizers can engage users, involve them in the ticketing funnel earlier.

Value to our client

  • Complete match to the client’s startup culture

    We started working with the startup team and were aware of possible miscommunications. Nevertheless, the entire development process was efficient as we were on the same page.

  • Responsive communication and development

    Due to the uniqueness of the project, we organized brainstorming sessions. Together with the client’s team, we were able to identify requirements, spot business gaps, and propose the best solutions. 

  • Unique solution with brand-new features

    Crowdsurfr offers a new experience. While some concert hosts offer fans to vote, this system reverses the process: organizers check votes and then choose the most demanded bands.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET Core
  • angular js Angular
  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • microsoftazure Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • freshdesk FreshDesk
  • mstest MSTest
  • newrelic NewRelic
  • SendGrid SendGrid

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