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Project overview

Microsoft Office Outlook is a great data management solution for business used by thousands of companies and entrepreneurs. And the great thing is that its core functionality can be expanded with handy add-ins. We partnered up with Gunnebo to develop one such add-in that would allow users to work with Outlook without leaving their corporate web interfaces.

Client information

Gunnebo is a Sweden-based provider of IT security software focused on reinforcing business protection all around (from system authorization to financial operations). The company offers safe automated self-service solutions for retail chains, smart cash management products, protected data storage systems, and even entrance control solutions.

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outlook plugin for gunnebo project

Business challenge

The client already had an existing corporate data management solution. Gunnebo ultimately wanted their GBS system to be synchronized with Outlook, thus extending the functional scope of the interface at hand. The add-in we were looking to implement was focused on helping achieve seamless workflows and better routine management for users.

Technical challenges

We needed to synchronize Outlook Tasks and Schedule features to provide single access to them for GBS platform users that have an Outlook profile. A new add-in was connected to the Outlook calendar for scheduling purposes and to the task manager for tasking. We also had to enable fault tolerance to improve sync.

Solution delivered

GBS Outlook add-in is a handy plugin that enables GBS platform users to better optimize workflow scheduling and conveniently distribute tasks and events. A user gets to employ these opportunities with no extra settings or setups involved whatsoever. Now, one can easily access the required corporate information without leaving the email client and quickly create custom work schedules.

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Key features

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  • Custom options

    GBS platform users are free to set deadlines of any format, assign tasks as they see fit, and enable flexible schedules individually.

  • Extensive Outlook support

    The GBS plugin is supported by all existing versions of Outlook starting from the v. 2013, v. 2016 for macOS, Outlook Web App for Office 365, as well as the web service.

  • Web functionality

    The whole Outlook-integrated solution works right out of the browser, making crucial business data all-around accessible at any time, from any device.

Value to our client

  • Joint performance

    The fact the users don’t have to switch from the main system they use during work to check or set tasks, events, or schedules makes the whole workflow ultimately faster and more convenient.

  • Real-time data sync

    All the Outlook data is automatically synced up with the GBS platform without any additional user interaction, making things speedier and more seamless.

  • Better management

    Companies worldwide use Outlook opportunities to manage the business on a daily basis - having this renowned system’s features built into an in-house corporate solution is a truly up-to-date business decision.

Our tech stack

  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • net .NET/ASP.NET
  • microsoftazure Microsoft Azure Cloud

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