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Project overview

Online payment is a procedure that must be smooth, secure, and error-free. Any company using an underdeveloped or outdated payment module risks losing reputation in the eyes of customers who can easily lose their own hard-earned money due to a single mistake in the software code. That is especially relevant for companies that chose to design custom payment processing plugins, which is common nowadays. Our client, for instance, had a recurring issue with their custom plugin, which we needed to fix.

Client information

Pinpoint Payments is a business-optimizing payment processing solutions provider that focuses on retail and e-commerce opportunities powered by innovative software and processing approaches. The company creates unique credit card processing systems, such as POS systems and payment modules, and helps optimize cash discount programs, chargeback management, and fraud prevention in a broad scope of industries (e-commerce, healthcare, hosting, affiliate marketing, and more).

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pinpoint payment plugin optimization project

Business challenge

The client had an online payment API for processing credit card payments that failed to serve its purpose correctly. That resulted in workflow downtime, which, if not handled timely, could result in serious business-undermining expenses. Moreover, failed transactions put off customers and negatively affected business reputation as a whole. All in all, the situation had to be urgently fixed to avoid grave business consequences, retain customers, and save client’s integrity in their eyes.

Technical challenges

The existing PinpointCach is a payment processing Magento module that receives transactions from for further business-side processing and works as a part of the custom Pinpoint API. The whole API and the module, in particular, required thorough optimization, improvement of integrations with other services on the surface, and refactoring along with further testing and optimization as a more complex task. The scope of work at hand was pretty extensive, and we had to rework tons of code in the process.

Solution delivered

The optimized Magento payment module now works the way it should – it grabs transactions from other services and processes them within the internal system. When we started to work on the project, the module was outdated and had a lot of obsolete code. All the code was refactored, and thorough security tests were conducted afterward. We also expanded the number of supported gateways and added compatibility with OnePageCheckout extensions. Currently, everything works error-free, preserving the security of customer data and payments the way it should.

pinpoint payment plugin optimization solution

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Key features

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  • Gateway's support

    The API now supports NMI, Stripe,, and a few other payment gateways that are yet to be connected.

  • OnePageCheckout

    Support of the OnePageCheckout extension is necessary to cover all customers paying through Magento.

  • Improved integrations

    Namely, improved integration with Konnective provides a great backup plan in case of any possible errors.

  • Admin interface

    A separate administrator dashboard allows viewing transaction logs and HTTP response records in real time.

Value to our client

  • Reinforced security

    Multiple iterations of thorough testing scenarios allowed us to reinforce the APIs security for reliable transactions.

  • Versatile processing

    The updated and optimized PinPointCash module can process transactions from many payment gateways.

  • Status monitoring

    System administrators can now thoroughly monitor the status of transactions and the overall API performance.

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