Robotics process automation for anti-money laundering

  • 0%

    0% error rate
  • 24/7

    24/7 working RPA solutions
  • 55.5%

    55.5% reduction in manual effort


We integrated the robotics process automation system for comprehensive anti-money laundering monitoring. The solution optimizes AML processes inside the company, identifies fraud, helps employees to spot and fight money manipulations.


Our client is a major bank under NDA from Germany.

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Our client – a large banking institution – was spending millions of dollars on their financial crime and compliance programs. AML employees were using multiple systems and sources. In addition, the client faced new regulatory requirements that led to higher fines due to poor compliance.


Before RPA implementation, the client’s bank relied on manual input, mainly. That’s why AML processes were expensive and time-consuming, full of errors. Monetary and non-monetary transactions were extremely complex, as well as all AML-related operations. We had to implement the RPA solution, integrate it with key banking systems.


Our RPA solution is used to validate existing client information on transactions, pulling client data from various internal repositories. Further, info can be verified directly or transferred to an associate for review. With several internal and external sources available for client verification, RPA helps to search for information in internal data repositories, as well as in approved third-party data sources. RPA also can automatically send emails with alerts to frontline staff requesting necessary KYC documentation.

robotics process automation for antimoney laundering solution

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Value to our client

  • Data quality increased significantly

    and improved KYC/AML compliance.

  • Errors reduced to 0%

    and ensured transactions’ integrity.

  • Manual effort reduced

    from 45 to 20 minutes.

  • Robotic tools work 24/7

    and free up human operators.

Our tech stack

  • ui path UiPath
  • confulence Confluence
  • jira-1 Jira

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