Robotics process automation for cash transactions

  • No

    cash withdrawal manipulations
  • Safe

    cash transactions thanks to monitoring

Project overview

We integrated the robotics process automation system for a thorough analysis of money transactions inside the bank, between its branches. The module helps to spot manipulations and suspicious requests, mitigate risks, protect from illegal transactions.

Client information

Our client is a major bank under NDA from Ukraine.

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Business challenge

The primary goal was to detect fraud with currency sales in the bank’s branches. To surface anomalous transactions, our client was forced to identify manipulative activities at the branches with cash funds of the bank. Thus, we had to start with a thorough analysis of cash inflow and usage information. Potential risk operations were identified with specific triggers, and this information was transmitted to the relevant units for further analysis.

Solution delivered

The RPA system developed by DICEUS minimizes the risk of cash withdrawal manipulations. The system evaluates operational cash-related risks. Ultimately, it checks client requests and shows if it’s a real request and if there are any attempts to use this cash for illegal purposes. The solution conducts investigations in a short time if any manipulation case was detected.

robotics process automation for cash transactions solution

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Value to our client

  • 75% of monthly operations automated

    and made more efficient.

  • Cash withdrawal manipulations reduced

    and security improved significantly.

  • Potential illegal actions are detected

    and prevented thanks to monitoring.

Our tech stack

  • ui path UiPath
  • confulence Confluence
  • jira-1 Jira

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