Robotics process automation for payroll processing

  • 60%

    60% decrease in staff
  • 75%

    75% of monthly operations automated
  • 88.9%

    88.9% faster payment decisions

Project overview

We integrated the robotics process automation system for internal payroll management. It helps to comply with core laws, reduce the load on the workforce, and shorten payment decision times. The tool also has validation features controlled by employees.

Client information

Our client is a major bank under NDA from Ukraine.

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Business challenge

The client wanted to maintain a large workforce to complete tasks within one working day. This was required to comply with requirements and laws, mainly related to salary and tax information processed by the bank. As well, the bank needed to reduce the number of people who were only working on the days of peak loads when salaries were being paid.

Technical challenges

Our client company had precise requirements related to payroll processing. We had to implement sophisticated RPA tools but also combine them with human-side operations. Each payment had to go through a validation and authorization procedure and then be approved by a human.

Solution delivered

Our RPA solution validates and authorizes payments. It has a strict and specific logic that responds to a predefined algorithm. The systems can send notifications if something goes wrong. Also, it can transfer cases with issues to human operators who then make decisions. On top of that, the system was integrated with NLP for processing standard and nonstandard user requests.

robotics process automation for payroll processing solution

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Value to our client

  • 75% of monthly operations automated

    and made more efficient.

  • Payment decision times decreased

    from 90 to 10 seconds.

  • The number of employees decreased

    by 60%, expenses reduced.

Our tech stack

  • ui path UiPath
  • confulence Confluence
  • jira-1 Jira
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