Robotics process automation for report processing

  • 0%

    0% error rate
  • 70%

    70% decrease in staff
  • No

    penalties at all

Project overview

We integrated the robotics process automation system for efficient reporting. It helps users to find debtors in the database, create custom or template-based reports, send this info to executives.

Client information

Our client is a major bank under NDA from Saudi Arabia.

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Business challenge

Regarding new requirements from the national central bank, our client’s employees had to enable new report-related processes. They were tasked to detect all debtors in the executive master debtor base and to send notifications about these persons to the executive service. Manual processing led to high risks of human errors or delays in sending timely notifications. As well, there were significant risks for nonconformity of compliance procedures.

Solution delivered

Our RPA functional module replaced human employees and started managing the entire debt reporting process more efficiently. All the notifications about debtors from the executive debtor base can be processed quickly and sent on the same working day. Human error was eliminated at all.

robotics process automation for report processing solution
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Value to our client

  • Errors reduced to 0%

    ensuring reporting integrity.

  • Protection from potential penalties

    from the central bank.

  • The number of employees decreased

    by 60% expenses optimized.

Our tech stack

  • ui path UiPath
  • confulence Confluence
  • jira-1 Jira

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