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Project overview

Today, the modern education industry can focus heavily on advanced solutions and hi-tech-driven approaches in global practices. Software is most beneficially used in schools, colleges, and universities all over the world to manage curriculums and schedules better, assign and monitor tasks, adjust teacher-pupil communication, and, generally, speed things up. New efficient solutions in this niche are practically doomed to high demand as the education industry is always active.

Client information

Computopic is a Danish digital development company with the main specialization in SMS solutions. The company has been providing web and communications systems since 1998, building an established network of partners and customers. Computopic works with lots of municipalities, helping to set up up-to-date communications capabilities and network systems. In terms of the project, the company entrusted us with, the focus is on school infrastructure.

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Business challenge

It is gradually becoming a common practice in modern schools to integrate centralized management systems. With the project in hand, we had to tackle this area with a complex system for private schools that makes pupils’, parents’, teachers’, and school administrators’ lives easier with convenient scheduling, tasking, messaging, reminders, news sharing, exams management, etc. All in all, we were looking to provide a multipurpose yet easy-to-grasp online solution with a dedicated mobile app for school routine management.

Technical challenges

Basically, we had to implement a feature-rich yet accessible web application interface along with a joint mobile application for a higher degree of system availability. The overall interface solution is based on the pre-made template. The main technical goals were to offer a highly-available, fast-loading, secure solution that any interested user (pupil, parent, teacher, etc.) can easily get the hang of. We had to work with lots of specific software, both online server solutions, and hard-coding efforts.

Solution delivered

The educational Computopic platform is a real digital administration for Danish private schools. The scope of features covers a number of user roles, offers well-protected account authentication, includes a convenient built-in messenger, and tons of tools for school routine handling (from event scheduling and class curriculum editing to assignments and paperwork handling, both online and offline. It ultimately enables users to handle their school stuff conveniently by clicking on a browser when home or opening an app on a smartphone at any time, in any place.

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Key features

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  • Daily/weekly scheduling

    All users can create and edit custom schedules, either for personal (setting individual deadlines) or class purposes (defining curriculum).

  • Topical event reminders

    You can set reminders for various upcoming events and needs, like book returns, payments, task deadlines, assignments, etc.

  • A standard messenger

    All users can chat and discuss school assignments or administration specifics based on set schedules right via the given platform.

  • Tasks and assignments

    School tasks, assignments, and their deadlines can all be conveniently set, edited, and monitored in one place.

Value to our client

  • Online functionality

    Being a web application in nature, the platform dynamically updates data and saves changes, syncing up with reliable cloud servers.

  • Division by roles

    School staff and administration representatives all get respective tools and areas to handle their responsibilities in a centralized solution.

  • Responsive mobile app

    Users can access the platform remotely at any time through their smartphone, using the app with offline data access and push-notifications.

Our tech stack

  • Docker Docker
  • PHP PHP 7.x 
  • Symphony Symfony 4 
  • Apache Apache2 
  • phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin 
  • MariaDB MariaDB 
  • FastCGI FastCGI
  • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Composer Composer
  • Minio Minio
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