Siebel to Appian data migration in banking

  • 3%

    3% decrease in churn rate
  • 22%

    22% boost for up-sales and cross-sales
  • siebal to appian data migration in banking aml data

    AML data collection improved greatly
  • siebal to appian data mgration in banking big bang

    Big Bang successful launch for all bank branches

Project overview

Regarding the client’s company IT strategy, there was a need to migrate data from the old CRM system, Siebel, to a modern platform called Appian. We worked on data migration from the Siebel database into MySQL. For this project, we identified how data is stored in Oracle Database used as data storage for Siebel CRM, mapped migration between old and new systems, and developed data migration scripts.

Client information

Bank al Etihad is a Jordanian bank that offers a wide range of financial services, including online payments and mobile banking. It is one of the fast-growing banking entities in Jordan that strives to keep pace with the current global economy and technological advancements.

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Business challenge

Initial project goals centered around a decrease in churn rate, improved customer support, better time-to-market, and advanced analytics with behavioral scoring. Due to legacy solutions, the bank faced time-consuming integrations with external systems, expensive operations, and decreased retail efficiency. Still, the main business challenge was to clean out data that has been collected for a long time.

We had to perform the Big Bang launch of the new system, i.e. to launch a new CRM system for all branches immediately. It is a phased approach that allows for implementing a CRM for a small number of branches, tuning UX, and releasing the software for the entire branch network later.

Technical challenges

As for tech issues, we faced back-and-forth changes related to the migration of business processes. Our client decided not to move data and processes AS-IS with further improvements and expansions. Instead, the bank wanted to develop new CRM system processes. This resulted in a series of changes in our data migration approach and the delayed project closure. Digital transformation was pretty complex due to outdated legacy modules.

Solution delivered

We completed Siebel to Appian data migration from the legacy CRM platform to a new one. To complete the project, we carefully analyzed data storing features, studied Oracle Database, planned the entire migration process, and implemented custom scripts for data transfers. The team aligned business logic with the core banking system based on Oracle FLEXCUBE.

siebal to appian data migration in banking solution delivered

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Key features

siebal to appian data migration in banking key
  • Client onboarding

    with Appian’s low-code platform.

  • New KYC process

    related to the improved onboarding.

  • Management and reporting

    dashboards for employees.

Value to our client

  • Cleaned historical data

    that was carefully analyzed and optimized

  • Deduplicated and segmented data

    related to the bank’s customers

  • Extended data collection

    for better compliance with the AML requirements

  • 3%

    decrease in churn rate

  • 22%

    boost for up-sales and cross-sales

Our tech stack

  • pl-sql PL/SQL
  • java Java
  • oracle Oracle
  • oracle Siebel CRM
  • appian Appian
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