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Conveniently accumulating a vast network of professional contacts is a must effort for any existing business nowadays. To get those potential employees, contractors, and partners, entrepreneurs, companies use specialized social networking platforms. And providers like our client use new extensive types of such platforms. Particularly, hired us to expand their existing professional networking web application with e-learning features and capabilities.

information is a US-based provider of the eponymous professional networking web app with an established community and offers wide social functionality. The company mainly focuses on building up its platform and expanding in order to give users a multipurpose networking portal where they could not only communicate with other market players and acquire connections but also employ various related opportunities. E-learning to be among them.

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Profiled online education is a highly demanded resource among mass users nowadays. We set out to add educational functionality to the existing social platform. This ultimately enables business learners to find work and connect with potential employers in one place, right upon gathering enough knowledge on the working subject.


We needed to develop e-learning software features that would allow platform users to provide course curriculums and educational materials (including readings, videos, assignments, evaluation criteria, etc.) for online training in a free field of specialties. Another focus was also to implement interactive microblogging for learners and course leaders in terms of the new e-learning functionality. We inherited the baseline software’s source code to elaborate upon, PSD files for different views, and build and deployment instructions from the previous team working on the main project.


We developed e-learning software functionality that offers respective capabilities for different user roles – curriculum owners (those who create curriculums), providers (those who offer readymade curriculums to the community), leaders (those leading training courses), instructors (those providing live or recorded training sessions), learners (those taking courses), and team leaders (those leasing small groups of other learners). Each type of user gets the respective capabilities and interface elements to logically contribute to the organization of the overall educational process.

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Key features

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  • Simple interface

    The new e-learning interface is ultimately easy to handle, with simple lists of courses and comprehensive interaction elements.

  • Media uploading

    Curriculum creators and editors can freely upload media files of the most diverse formats, including PDF files, videos, tables, and so on.

  • Flexible education

    Different curriculum owners, providers, and leaders decide the structure and contents of every other course individually.

  • Web functionality

    Available online, the web app is a highly accessible solution that can be easily launched on any device.


  • Cloud reliability

    Powered by the cloud-based server, the interface is failproof and available at a low-speed web connection.

  • Strong security

    The employment of Windows Identify Foundation and cloud capabilities enable a high level of data security.

  • Customizations

    Every other created training course can be customized to the course creator’s heart’s content.

Our Tech Stack

  • C# icon C#
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web icon Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web
  • Microsoft MVC5 icon Microsoft MVC5
  • Razor icon Razor
  • LINQ icon LINQ
  • Azure Table Storage icon Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Blob Storage (Block Storage Type) icon Azure Blob Storage (Block Storage Type)
  • Windows Identify Foundation (WIF) icon Windows Identify Foundation (WIF)

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