SourceControl upgrade + Git integration for ApexSQL

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Project overview

The creation of an error-free code requires up-to-date references and code changes tracking provided by source control systems. Git, Perforce, and other solutions are renowned tools for that. Enabling access to them via native drivers for the client, we pose a significant update to the existing ApexSQL’s SQL Server system.

Client information

ApexSQL is a renowned developer of MS SQL solutions for various purposes. The company can boast a whole list of clients known all over the world, like NASA (!), Intel, Microsoft, Bank of America, and many more. ApexSQL has been recently purchased by Quest to extend capabilities and market reach even farther.

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Business challenge

Any business that uses or requires custom software to be written from scratch must be confident in the clarity and stability of the source code. Thankfully, there are universal references provided by specialized platforms (Git and others). Without putting extra costs in fixing source code and getting proper solutions from the get-go, a business preserves its reputation and continues to stay profitable.

Technical challenges

Programming is always about complex, in-depth work to handle. It involves lots of nuances, pitfalls, and hidden errors which can be very difficult to spot from the get-go in order not to undermine the whole source code in the long run. That’s why source control systems like Git, Subversion, etc. exist for helping out programmers with code changes tracking and polished references. We needed to create native drivers that grant access to such systems.

Solution delivered

We created native drivers and the dedicated source control interface to manage them for ApexSQL so that their existing SQL Server system gets integrated access to Git, Perforce, Mercurial, and Subversion. This is a convenient solution for source control operations to be performed in one place, with handy management elements.

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Key features

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  • Label application

    Programmers can now apply labels to code pieces and subsets without leaving the main system and working with Git or other source control solutions separately.

  • Code check-in & check-outs

    A fast and convenient way to put the code in storage and retrieve it for further work.

Value to our client

  • Native access to Git

    Default direct access to Git allows for more flexible work with code and minimizes common errors.

  • Updated source controls

    The existing system was expanded to cover yet another important aspect of coding and SQL management - source code controls.

  • 1 interface for everything

    A centralized working environment dedicated solely to source control manipulations ultimately speeds up all the underlying tasks.

Our tech stack

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  • Visual-Studio-1 Visual Studio
  • net .NET/ASP.NET
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