SSAS Loader Upgrade for ApexSQL

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The SQL Server system must always be kept in check and updated to deliver the highest performance possible. Data loading is a major thing to optimize and accelerate where the need be. SSAS loader is one system aspect that can be boosted for the ultimate data loading benefit.


ApexSQL is a software provider based in Serbia that specializes in Microsoft SQL solutions. The company is working with a huge number of corporate giants (such as Microsoft, NASA, Intel, and others) and holds a strong position in its niche of business. We’ve had the pleasure to deliver several projects for ApexSQL so far.

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Digital business players rely heavily on web technologies and specialized software. Up to date, SQL Server is the most widely used database management system that helps keep corporate and other kinds of data intact. That’s why it should be maintained properly. Namely, standard systems should be expanded and kept updated to meet the custom requirements of particular companies. Existing features must be upgraded and kept fresh.


With the SSAS loader upgrade, we had to expand the capabilities of the existing class library that collects all metadata on the server, databases, and stored objects via the connection to the live Analysis Services server. All in all, the major task was to update the engine with new input databases – XMLA file and SSDT SSAS project.


The updated SSAS Loader is able to load metadata from XMLA files as well as from SSDT SSAS project files. In both cases, both tabular and multidimensional data can be loaded. The loader supports all SSAS server version XMLA files and can be added up with additional metadata. The feature also went through unit testing, and error logging through the pre-existing ApexSQL.Common.Logging library.

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Key features

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  • XMLA files as input data sources

    XMLA files can now be conveniently used to extract the required tabular or multidimensional metadata.

  • SSDT SSAS project as an input data source

    SSDT SSAS project assets can now also be extracted and exposed through the object hierarchy for more convenience.


  • New input file formats

    Being able to load data from two new source formats - XMLA and SSDT SSAS - the SSAS Loader becomes ultimately more versatile in its work.

  • Wider capabilities

    With new input data source integrated, the existing engine can be used for a wider array of tasks and purposes.

  • Boosted performance

    The SSAS Loader engine becomes faster in performance overall, loading data from several input sources at once.

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