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Project overview

The global financial sector is going through major changes caused by sweeping digitization and FinTech advances. Finances-focused companies are fast to adapt software systems and applications to boost workflows and stay up to date. Meanwhile, service and product provider companies have to offer efficient solutions to stay in demand among industry clients. In particular, many business players require an automated, smart calculation of value-added taxes (VAT), which we worked on for our client.

Client information

The client is an up-and-coming startup that needed a tech partner to develop an application MVP for smooth market entrance. The business did a great job at securing marketing and distribution channels for the success of the future product. The project aims and overall ambitions are pretty serious, targeting the market’s top-end niche as complex and competitive as the FinTech and finances industry.

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Business challenge

Speed of internal performance and service delivery is paramount in finances and accounting. That is why VAT calculation must be rapid yet smart and insightful. Only a complex, high-end software solution can help achieve that. The all-around accessibility for users and extensive capabilities of a cloud-based VAT processing solution should do the trick and help businesses in the financial sector become faster, better, and smoother in regular performance.

Technical challenges

We ultimately needed to implement a cloud-based VAT application that uses a special API to replicate data from the cloud accounting system and map it for output to user requests. The transactional data implies purchases and sales taking place within the business operations. Among many underlying tools, capabilities, and features, we also developed API connectors for integrations with popular accounting systems. Other major developments included high-level security, multi-currency support, intuitive dashboard, file exports, and more.

Solution delivered

The resulted VAT app provides an intuitive interface for compliance and business intelligence purposes that operates in the cloud and is offered to users via monthly subscription. Users can readily access popular cloud-based accounting systems and employ automated transactional data processing for valuable outputs. The whole solution is based on the latest software design trends and cloud technologies. The “one-click philosophy” allows accelerating business workflow while the offered functionality helps handle a wide scope of tasks.

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Key features

vat saas app for accountng key
  • Indirect tax

    The support of indirect taxes’ processing and several other tax formats allows for ultimate financial automation flexibility.

  • Reporting

    Valuable business intelligence insights can be conveniently gathered in the form of automatically generated reports.

  • ML learning

    Powerful Machine Learning principles in the software’s core allow for efficient cross-sector comparisons and more.

  • Auto-returns

    The application is fully automated in calculating financial data-based returns by manually set periods.

Value to our client

  • One-click philosophy

    By implementing the UI with accessible basic elements, we help businesses become faster.

  • In-depth automation

    Most of the functionality set in motion manually is automatic in the core and can be set to deliver regular calculations.

  • Cloud performance

    Operation from the cloud allows for a more secure and high-performance solution all-around.

Our tech stack

  • net .NET/ASP.NET
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