Web-based binary option platform on cryptocurrencies

  • web based binary option platform on cryptocurrencies ico analysis

    Marketplace analysis
  • web based binary option platform on cryptocurrencies ico calculate

    Rate calculation
  • web based binary option platform on cryptocurrencies ico guarantees

    Guarantees of verifiable results

Project overview

We want to ease the process of analyzing marketplaces and provide users with trusted rates. The web-based application we built specifically for such purposes helps make the rate calculation routine transparent and easily verified by users. It allows putting bets on binary options on a blockchain according to a brand-new model that guarantees that the winner is calculated transparently, and the result is verifiable.

Client information

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web based binary option platform on cryptocurrencies project

Business challenge

Our client aimed to gain total trust between users and the marketplace. They needed a transparent and easy-to-use application with an intuitive interface. Our mission was to develop a product that provides a novel model of cryptocurrency-based binary options. In the long run, it should help increase customer loyalty and make the betting process much more manageable and confidential.

Technical challenges

A web-based application for binary options on cryptocurrencies helps tase interaction with the rates, marketplaces, and bets. While the users get the guarantee of reliable calculations and clear results, the business gains trust. Loyal clients lead to boosted profits and a higher position in the market.

Solution delivered

The DICEUS team had a mission to build an advanced software solution to strengthen and improve our clients’ and partners’ business. We have developed an app that helps to provide users with trusted rates and quickly analyze marketplaces. The ultimate results of employing in practice the solution we built – boosted status market status, better business reputation, and higher brand recognizability.

web based binary option platform on cryptocurrencies solution

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Key features

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  • Marketplace analysis

    The analysis of the marketplaces allows users to avoid doubtful rates and get only trusted data instead.

  • Rate calculation

    With efficient rate calculation, customers can put bets on binary options. The process is failproof and easily verified.

  • Guarantees of verifiable results

    The application can guarantee that the winner is selected fairly and squarely. Since the result can be verified by any user, your audience’s loyalty and trust grow.

Value to our client

  • Research and development

    The development of the web-based application with various individual functions meets all the client’s requirements.

  • Users’ trust

    One of the most critical aspects of the company, is its image. The trust of customers and users helps increase their brand loyalty and reputation.

  • Ease of the betting process

    The clients can analyze the marketplace and see the whole situation. Thus, it makes it easier for them to put bets on binary options.

Our tech stack

  • angular js Angular
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • java Java
  • Spring Spring
  • Solidity Solidity
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