TokenD - a white-label processing center for banking industry

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    User-friendly interface
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    Thorough systemization
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    Business improvement


The banking industry requires accuracy and attentiveness. Efficient handling of all the cryptographic keys, digital identities, transactions, and nodes monitoring requires dedicated software. That’s why a white-label processing center for digital assets can become a useful tool for any banking employee.

User-friendly interface includes:

  • Ledger system and admin panel for the system owner;
  • Mobile wallets and internal exchange for users;
  • Internal KYC module + integration with external KYC providers;
  • Crowdinvesting functionality.


Under NDA

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tokend a white label processing center for banking industry project


All the bank employees have to work with lots of information and numbers to memorize. They are responsible for cryptographic keys, digital identities, and transactions. Such tasks can be significantly facilitated with the help of a dedicated digital solution. Interaction with an easy-to-use interface makes both staff and regular users sure of money and transactions’ safety. DICEUS provided an advanced software solution to strengthen and improve our client’s banking business.


To systemize all the operations, we have created a full-fledged processing center for digital assets, cryptocurrencies, fiat payments, and virtual goods. It fully changed the work of the bank staff. It also improved client interaction with the banking service, which made them more loyal. It led the employees to avoid some repeated work and freed them for other important business processes.


DICEUS team developed a new white-label processing solution in 9 months. We performed work on time and with the best quality on the market. The full-fledged processing center allowed the bank customers to easily interact with payments, investments, and currencies. Thus, clients can easily handle such moments manually, without excessive staff input. The implemented solution increased the consumer’s loyalty as well as helped to manage some finance aspects.

tokend a white label processing center for banking industry solution

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Key features

tokend a white label processing center for banking industry key
  • Process management

    Admin panel allows the system owner to control all the processes.

  • Easy to pay

    Clients can now use mobile wallets and fastly exchange currencies online.

Value to our client

  • Interaction with the finance aspects

    The employees and managers can control the processes without trying to remember all the data.

  • Customer loyalty

    customers can now easily conduct online operations such as payments or investments without third parties involved, which increases customer trust and loyalty.

  • Project and delivery management

    Admin panel helps the owner to control all the business processes.

Our tech stack

  • angular js Angular
  • 512px-HTML5 logo and wordmark.svg HTML
  • nodejs NodeJS

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